Poiesis Cello

The Poiesis Cello sample library by Sonora Cinematic is a deep exploration of intimate and detailed extended cello textures and techniques for Kontakt Player.

The library was recorded with the skils of Alan Black, using Yo-Yo Ma’s “Moes & Moes” cello through a blend of high end microphones – the end result being 47 articulations that will allow you to create instant beautiful, organic soundscapes and textures for a modern cinematic sound.


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Poiesos Cello - Intimate Cello Textures for Kontakt Player

How The Sample Library was Recorded

The Poiesis Cello was recorded with a close microphone setup using 3 high end mics in a dry studio environment to offer a raw, upfront and focused sound that you can then shape yourself as required.

The following high end microphones were used in the recording to create a beautifully nuanced sound:

  • Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser (LDC)
  • AEA R84A ribbon (RBN)
  • Schoeps CMC/mk4 small diaphragm condenser (SDC)

As resource friendly pre-rendered patch was also created with the individual microphones in an LCR position with additional processing to provide a quick and ready-to-use sound immediately.

The cello that was recorded is a Yo-Yo Ma‘s own Moes & Moes Cellos cello performed by the principal cellist of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Alan Black


The Sound of the Poiesis Cello

The Poiesis Cello offers a wide variety of dry textural sounds with 43 articulations to choose from, ranging from normale gritty col legno and airy flautando to moving sul pont waves.

The library features two different patches – Textures and Shorts.

Textures is an instrument with two layers where you can choose between any of the 43 “texture” articulations and easily crossfade between them both using your keyboards modwheel (CC#1) to create a sound to moves from one sound into another.

Shorts is a smaller complimentary patch featuring  3 velocity sensitive short articulations (spiccato, staccato and pizzicato) that have been sampled with 3 dynamic layers and 5 round robins.

The sounds on offer in this sample library are dry, intimate, moving and evocative making it ideal for modern film scores and emotional soundscapes and textures.

Poiesis Cello can create a range of sounds from delicate and beautiful to dark and nightmarish.

Because it was recorded up close with a variety of high end microphones, its sound can be modified to your requirements to create a more dry sound or a more lush sound by adding your own reverb as required.

Poiesis Cello Full Articulations list



  • normale
  • supersoft poco vibrato
  • Con Sordino mp
  • Trem Sul Tasto pp
  • Trem mp
  • Trem f
  • Con Sord Trem p
  • Con Sord Trem f

Sul Tasto:

  • Sul Tasto mp
  • Sul Tasto f
  • Con Sord Sul Tasto mp
  • Con Sord Sul Tasto f

Sul Ponticello:

  • Sul Pont mp
  • Sul Pont f
  • Con Sord Sul Pont mp
  • Con Sord Sul Pont f


  • Harmonics p
  • Harmonics mf
  • Con Sord Harmonics p
  • Con Sord Harmonics mf


  • Textural Rebowed
  • Textural Sparse
  • Textural Medium
  • Textural Dense

Tratto & Extended Techniques:

  • Col legno tratto
  • Play Behind Bridge
  • Pluck Behind Bridge
  • Circular Bowing
  • Bow on Tailpiece


  • Motions 1/2
  • Motions 1/4
  • Motions 1/8
  • Motions 1/12
  • Sul tasto Motions 1/2
  • Sul tasto Motions 1/4
  • Sul tasto Motions 1/8
  • Sul tasto Motions 1/12
  • Sul pont Motions 1/2
  • Sul pont Motions 1/4
  • Sul pont Motions 1/8
  • Sul pont Motions 1/12


  • Flautando mp
  • Con Sord Flautando mp


  • Spiccato
  • Staccato
  • Pizzicato (velocity=127 triggers Bartok pizz.)

Poiesis Cello gives us everything from fragile beauty to unsettling darkness, with its intimate and detailed exploration of cello textures. This is a library of real quality but at a very reasonable price.


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  1. Gil Oscar

    Deeply Moving!

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