RCD Acoustic

This is not your typical acoustic guitar library. The RCD Acoustic by Audio Ollie was conceptualized around experimental, rhythmic playing styles commonly associated with modern film score and features highly realistic ‘repetition sourced’ recordings.

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Technical Walkthrough

RCD Acoustic by Audio Ollie – Not Your Typical Acoustic Guitar

The RCD Acoustic was conceptualized around experimental, rhythmic playing styles commonly associated with modern film score and features highly realistic ‘repetition sourced’ recordings.

Featuring a vintage Martin acoustic guitar, we used many different bows, sticks, brushes, and picks (with both traditional and low tuning) to capture a massive collection of tonal and atonal sounds.

The user interface features advanced sound-shaping controls, built-in humanization, and a powerful sequencer with dynamic modulation to control the step velocity in real time via midi CC or modwheel.


The reps patches were sampled from true repetition-based performances and include up to 10 round Robin. This unique sampling technique includes all of the sonic information pre-transient and between consecutive notes which results in a more fluid, energetic playback.


The riffs patches include energetic phrases and loops which were sampled across the range of the guitar. They sync to the host tempo by default and can be switched to half or double time within the user interface. In conjunction with the reps, you can create highly realistic rhythmic beds.


The UI features dual band AHDSR controls for sound shaping, advanced controls for flexibility in performance and a powerful 32 step sequencer designed to craft energetic rhythms and grooves. Riffs patches have unique speed controls to either double or half the tempo of a given performance.

Sculpt Your Sound

We included over 30 fully produced multis or ‘presets’ made up of arps, pads, cue starters, loops, and fx.

Patch List


  • Atonal (Absolute)
  • Atonal
  • Bowed
  • Brush
  • Fifth Mute String 1
  • Fifth Mute String 2
  • Fifth String 1
  • Fifth String 2
  • Hit
  • Low Tuning 1 Tap
  • Low Tuning 2 Tap
  • Low Tuning 3 Mute
  • Low Tuning 3 Strum
  • Low Tuning 3 Tap
  • Mute String 1-6
  • Pluck String 1-6
  • Staccato
  • Sticks
  • Tap


  • Harmonic Bow
  • Long Arc Bow
  • Sus Bow
  • Trem Bow
  • Trem Picked String 1-6

Riffs (Atonal)

  • 90 Bpm Atonal Brush 1-8
  • 90 Bpm Atonal Brush Menu
  • 90 Bpm Atonal Finger 1-16
  • 90 Bpm Atonal Finger Menu
  • 90 Bpm Atonal Pick 1-4
  • 90 Bpm Atonal Pick Menu
  • 120 Bpm Atonal Brush 1-15
  • 120 Bpm Atonal Brush Menu
  • 120 Bpm Atonal Finger 1-24
  • 120 Bpm Atonal Finger Menu
  • 120 Bpm Atonal Strum
  • 150 Bpm Atonal Brush 1-12
  • 150 Bpm Atonal Brush Menu
  • 150 Bpm Atonal Finger 1-4
  • 150 Bpm Atonal Finger Menu

Riffs (Tonal)

  • 90 Bpm High Bow A, B
  • 90 Bpm High Fifth Strum A-G
  • 90 Bpm High Mute
  • 90 Bpm High Percussive Strum
  • 90 Bpm High Pluck
  • 90 Bpm High Tap A-E
  • 120 Bpm Hammer Tap
  • 120 Bpm High Bow A-C
  • 120 Bpm High Fifth Strum A-E
  • 120 Bpm High Percussive A-D
  • 120 Bpm High Tap A-F
  • 120 Bpm Low Fifth Strum A-B
  • 120 Bpm Low Percussive A-C
  • 120 Bpm Low Tap A, B
  • 120 Bpm Mute
  • 150 Bpm High Bow A-E
  • 150 Bpm High Fifth Strum A-E
  • 150 Bpm High Tap
  • 150 Bpm Low Bow A,B
  • 150 Bpm Low Strum A-C
  • 150 Bpm Low Tap A-F


Kontakt Full 5.8+ (will not work with Kontakt Player)

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux



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