Riffendium Vol 4

Riffendium Vol 4 by Audiofier: Electric Guitar Loops – Trailer Guitars

Includes a selection of 44 fully editable electric guitar performances loops, in two+two versions: Main and REV, both Amped and DI. The articulations sequencer (with editing and randomisations features) and the chords mapping allow for endless sounds and guitar parts permutations. From the most useful guitars geared to Trailer Music to incredible soundscapes and even more with Riffendium REV’s reversible slices feature.

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 About Riffendium Vol 4 by Audiofier

RIFFENDIUM SERIES is a themed sample library collection for modern producers and composers.

It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music.

Our fourth release in this series is a collection of electric guitar loops which spans from single strings riffs and ostinatos techniques to raging grunge rock guitar riffs, perfect for Trailer Music and Sport Music.

2+2 Instruments

RIFFENDIUM 4 includes 2+2 instruments: RIFFENDIUM 4 and RIFFENDIUM 4 REV, and their DI and REV DI counterparts, bundled in a single package. RIFFENDIUM 4’s samples pool is made of recordings taken from the amplifier’s output and offers ready made guitar sounds, for a fast workflow.

RIFFENDIUM 4 REV offers the same sample pool, but adds the option to reverse each slice to create exciting new guitar parts and soundscapes.

Articulations Sequencer

Generate unique custom loops by using RIFFENDIUM 4’s articulations sequencer. Since the articulations come from a real performance, the result will always sound like a real guitarist playing a new guitar part.

44 Guitar Performances

Start from one of the 44 original recordings, then edit, re-arrange the slices, randomise, save new guitar parts. This release includes useful guitar loops that, while aimed primarily at trailer music, will fit in many styles of music, from rock to film scoring.

From Guitars to Infinity. And more with REV!

RIFFENDIUM 4 ‘s engine makes it incredibly easy to create a guitar sound that fits your song, but it also allows you to build out-wordly sounds that you won’t believe they originated from a guitar performance.

And now, with RIFFENDIUM 4 REV and REV DI, you can manipulate your performances to a totally different level!

No more stale one-key loops. These loops are alive!

Stale loops will hardly fit your music chords and will result as a robotic repetition of the same thing over and over. RIFFENDIUM 4’s loops will follow your chords as they were recorded in most major and minor shapes (and more than just that). RIFFENDIUM 4’s loops use Round Robins, therefore at every cycle the loop will sound slightly different, like a real guitar performance.

Pedals, Speakers and Effects

RIFFENDIUM 4 provides the straight Amp Output signal and different Cabinets simulations for more tweak-ability. You can also bypass RIFFENDIUM 4 speaker simulations and  use your favourite Cabinet impulse responses. Also, 4 distortion, 4 modulation effects plus master delay and reverb are available for more sound tweaking.

Instant Double Track

At the touch of a button, a double track guitar will appear on the right side of the stereo spectrum, with its own Effect Pedals chain and volume. This is not just a simple stereoizer effect. It’s a complete set of new samples that sound different as they should. A real double track.

Step Effects

We would not be Audiofier if we did not add some craziness to our instruments. A Step Volume and Step Filter fx will add movement and excitement to your guitar lines.

Stutter Repeater

A different approach to stuttering with assignable or random repetitions for each articulation slice, with echo effect or pitch detuning. Fun from another world!


You can filter the original loop performances by category: clean, crunch or distorted tones; straight, syncopated or riffy parts; including chords, power chords or single notes. Easy!


A staple in our instruments, with taylor-made impulses that will enhance and/or mutate the sound turning into something totally different. Is this still a guitar?

Snapshots presets

RIFFENDIUM 4 includes many presets to get you started and to showcase its potential. From traditional guitar sounds to experimental madness.  But it’s up to you to discover what it’s capable of.



  • 2 Main Instruments: Main & REV
  • 2 DI instruments to be used with third party amp simulators (DI & REV DI)
  • 44 Loop Styles in all Major, Minor keys and more.
  • Master Assignable Filter with a selections of 7 filter types.
  • Automatic double tracking with dedicated effect pedals chain (Main, DI)
  • Independent pitch control for double track guitar
  • Reversible slices (REV & REV DI only)
  • 140+ Presets Snasphots


  • 4 distortion pedals, 4 modulation pedals, 2 Bands Eq,
  • Independent effects pedals for Double Track (Main & DI)
  • Independent effects pedals for Reversed Track (REV & REV DI)
  • Stereo Widener for Main guitar Track,
  • Stereo Width control for Main and Double Tracked Guitars
  • Master Delay, Master Algorithmic and Convolution Reverb.
  • Convolver.


  • Step Volume.
  • Step Filters.
  • Stutter Repeater.
  • Host, half time and double time syncing.
  • Full re-ordering of slices, with randomisation and 2 parts, 8 save/recall memory slots.
  • Manual recording of sequence and step edit feature.
  • Categorised browser.

And more…


Requires NI Kontakt 5.8.1 (R43), RIFFENDIUM 4 does not work with Kontakt Player.

Operating System: N/A



“The folks at Audiofier have developed one of the best kept secrets in the world of vst guitars: Riffendium. These libraries have become my go-to instrument. Out of the box, Riffendium sounds like the best studio guitar performances you could ask for. Bravo to Audiofier for an innovative, creative, and excellent sounding series of instruments!”

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  1. François (verified owner)

    I just love Audiofier tools!

  2. scott (verified owner)

    Love all my Pulse Products! Pulse is a great resource to find just about anything you want, or need in the VSTi world. I own a bunch of the products theyoffer, and use them regularly in my projects. They give me a lot of latitude when I”m writing, and creating. I can honestly say that there are things I would never have thought of, or sounds I never would have imagined had I not found them thru Pulse. You got my vote!

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