Roadtrip Percussion

Embark on an extraordinary sonic adventure with Roadtrip Percussion! We’ve gathered captivating sounds from across the USA and the world, sampling banging on metal, wind chimes, gongs, kiddie park instruments, and Italian bells. Our library offers raw and processed hits and loops, perfect for adding unique industrial and found sound elements to your music. Elevate your compositions with Roadtrip Percussion’s unparalleled auditory treasures.

For Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (Not for Kontakt Player).

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Triumph Audio


4.47 GB


Roadtrip Percussion - Exhilarating Percussion Sample Library for Kontakt

Roadtrip Percussion is an exhilarating sample library born beyond the studio walls. Our globe-trotting escapade led us to a treasure trove of captivating found sounds. We unleashed our creative fury on massive containers, colossal wine vats, Italian church bells, majestic pipe organs, and the echoing subways of Milan.

Unearthing joy in unexpected places, we played with kiddie xylophones, glockenspiels, and an antique toy piano within a colossal warehouse. Venturing into tunnels, we pounded rocks and wood, unleashed thunderous door slams, and immortalized the clang of metal tools inside parking garages.

A California odyssey awaited, capturing multiple grand wind chime sculptures and venturing to Minnesota to sample the enchanting Japanese Ohara peace bell. The quest took us back to California’s haunting oil town turned ghost town, where we resonated with big old oil tanks, machinery, shipping containers, and huge wine vats.

And yes, we couldn’t resist embarking on the quintessential road trip experience, without recording a car and SUV. Our vaults revealed a special gem: the legendary metal playground slide used in the iconic score for Invader Zim more than 20 years ago!

Once the fieldwork wrapped up, we dived into chopping, editing, and manipulating the sounds, resulting in a sensational collection of processed patches. The library is divided between authentic raw sounds and processed and affected. From the raw material, we created some amazing big combo trailer hits, processed hits, pads, braams, affected tonal patches, and tons of loops.

Roadtrip shines as a standalone powerhouse or a versatile toolkit, offering everything from colossal trailer hits, unique pitched instruments to mesmerizing tick-rocky rhythms and loops. This library is an unparalleled asset for composers and music producers across all genres. Embrace the adventure with Roadtrip Percussion and elevate your music with extraordinary sonic treasures.


  • Powered by Photosynthesis Engine in our custom Triumph Audio Engine.
  • Our unique engine allows for quick creative workflow and additional expression using the modulation wheel to go between dry and curated and the expression fader for filters. Many patches allow quick changing of pitch via the keyboard with a great fx engine and compression.
  • A vast library of pitched and non-pitched percussion in authentic and processed forms.
  • 9 different patch categories of found sound elements to spark creativity.
  • Custom artist-created loops that are tempo synced and ready to be play. Loops are in authentic and processed forms. All loops were created using sounds from Road Trip Percussion.
  • MOD FX – using the mod wheel in a MOD FX patch will allow you to go from a less/not affected version of a sample into an effects-laden version. For any non MOD FX patches, use the MOD wheel to control filter cutoff.


  • Full Retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
  • Kontakt Player not supported
  • 24bit / 48k uncompressed wav sample files
  • Size of library: 4.47 GB

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