Scoring Synths

Scoring Synths is an extensive collection of ‘worldized’ analogue synths. Recorded by Nick Spezia at Oceanway studios with a wide array of room mics, the intention was to create a core set of synth tones designed to blend perfectly with the modern orchestra.

Scoring Synths features rich, warm tones crafted from iconic vintage Moogs. Intentionally minimal, the sounds are primarily suited to compliment orchestral arrangements but also to be used as basic source material for further sound creation.

With 8 available mic perspectives, Scoring Synths offers a sonic depth that can’t be found in any other synth instrument. Recording synths in a real room acoustic adds an organic character and 3D depth that can’t be replicated with a reverb unit.

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Scoring Synths - Rich, Warm Tones Crafted From Vintage Moogs for Kontakt


Featuring tones captured from a collection of vintage Moogs, the sound has that unmistakable low end punch and classic warmth that has become iconic in the music world. The Moog sound still remains champion of tone and has been used on countless film score productions


Oceanway Studio A in quickly becoming one of the World’s premier recording venues for orchestral music. Built inside of a 100 year old church, the acoustic is large yet controlled. There’s a signature depth in this room which makes it ideal for film score and TV based productions.


Scoring Synths was recorded with a series of priceless microphones, including a set of M50’s used by Shawn Murphy to record E.T. With a standard orchestral setup, we captured close, mid room, decca tree, wide, surround and rear surround perspectives in addition to the DI signal.

NI Kontakt Full

This product requires Kontakt 5.8 Full or above. The instruments need to be loaded in manually or by using Kontakt’s quick-load feature. It will not appear in the libraries tab.


Scoring Synths requires 150GB of HD space to install. We recommend storing your samples on a fast SSD for optimal performance. While this product will run on a relatively low amount of ram, we suggest a minimum of 6gb.

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