SEQUND Sequencer

by 510k

SEQUND Sequencer v1.5.6 is a powerful VST/AU polyrhythmic sequencer combining and improving all the best features from the already successful Max4Live sequencers created by electronic musician Alexkid, redesigned in collaboration with Tadashi Suginomori from HY Plugins.

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SEQUND Sequencer - Powerful Polyrhythmic Sequencer Plugin

SEQUND has quickly risen as our flagship product.

Now available for all main DAWs in its version 1.5.6, we have combined our favourite features from our own polyrhythmic sequencers into one single AU/VST plug-in

And then added some more, resulting in a unique and powerful tool… (ok we’re bragging a bit, but we’re really in love with what it does!)

New in Version 1.5.6

  • Ratchet Your Rhythms: Introducing Ratchet, our latest feature that allows you to repeat notes within a single step, creating a burst of sound or a rolling effect to spice up your sequences.
  • MIDI Advance Mode: Define the Step Advance directly from your DAW or even in real time with your keyboard. This opens new ways of expression, allowing you total freedom on the rhythm possibilities and time signatures.
  • Scale Functionality & Range Redefined: Explore an improved functionality, ensuring your melodies and harmonies resonate perfectly with you.
  • Step Lock Feature: Effortlessly preserve specific cells in your sequence, immune to randomize and reset actions for more precise control.
  • UX/UI improvements: Experience SEQUND’s most intuitive and user-friendly interface yet, designed to make your music production smoother and even more enjoyable.
SEQUND Sequencer by 510k full GUI

The Details

SEQUND Sequencer features Gate, Length, Hold, Ratchet, Chance, Pitch A, Pitch B, Probability A/B, Transpose, Octave, 3x assignable MIDI CC lanes, each with an individual amount of steps. 

It also has 3 different types of step advance modes, positive and negative swing and up to 12x patterns per preset with instant recall via MIDI.

A lot of effort has been put into creating the best user experience, focusing on results whilst maintaining the simplicity and the fun factor.

Whether you want to create exciting bass-lines with subtle variations or eccentric melodies filled with groove, SEQUND’s extremely intuitive interface instantly triggers your creativity process.

The peculiarities of some of its functions sets it apart from more traditional monophonic sequencers.

Two Pitch lanes and a probability lane allow you to alternate between two different melodies. 

Each lane has an independent length thus facilitating the generation of complex polyrhythms and evolving patterns with disconcerting ease even with “only” 16 steps available per pattern. 

SEQUND Sequencer also has the unique ability to set a different amount of steps per Gate lane generating the rhythm, and per Pitch lane, thus creating unexpected patterns evolving in very musical ways by shifting the gate/pitch correspondence and separating the rhythm from the melody.

The Transpose function is available before or after the scale quantisation, allowing you to shift your melody and always stay in key whatever you do. 

This function is also controllable via MIDI notes in real time via your keyboard. 

Patterns can also be recalled dynamically as “punch-in” mode via MIDI notes, simplifying the pattern chaining even when using polyrhythms.


Already a favourite of many producers because of it’s randomisation features for instant generation of sequences, SEQUND Sequencer  comes packed with a selection of artist presets from no less than:

  • Alexander Kowalski
  • Arno
  • Brawther
  • Christian Burkhardt
  • Cristi Cons
  • Cyrk
  • D’Julz
  • Damon Wild
  • Decka
  • Fred P
  • Goldmoon
  • Janeret
  • Josh Wink
  • Joy Huebner
  • Katie Drover
  • Lamalice
  • Leonard de Leonard
  • Markus Enochson
  • Okain
  • Oora
  • Oshana
  • Quelza
  • Raffaele Attanasio
  • Reboot
  • Robin Ordell
  • Rodriguez Jr.
  • Soela
  • tINI
  • Tripmastaz

Minimum System Requirements


  • Mac OS 10.14 or higher (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon and above supported (64-bit only))
  • VST2, VST3, AUv3


  • Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • VST2, VST3

Important Notes:

  • AUv3 is for Logic Pro users only
  • This product does not work with GarageBand or Reason.

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