Sketch Dreadnought

We are delighted to introduce Sketch Dreadnought, our latest guitar instrument for Kontakt 6.

The recording process involved using high-quality microphones, a piezo pickup system, and a magnetic pickup.

Notably, post-recording controls allow for adjustment of microphone, piezo, and magnetic pickup levels, providing users with unparalleled sonic flexibility to tailor the sound to their preferences.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.1.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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9.3 GB


Sketch Dreadnought - Versatile Guitar for Kontakt

The instrument provides extensive control with post-recording adjustments for mics, piezo, and magnet levels, ensuring maximum sonic flexibility.

It includes 12 articulations, 2 round robins per note, and varying velocity layers for Pick, Finger, Mute, and Flageolet.

Automatic position changes, a unique Keyboard Mode, auto legato, aftertouch (Vibrato), and offset controls offer diverse playing techniques.

Speed controls, percussion samples, EQ adjustments, custom convolution reverb, and 2 repetition keys for the last note contribute to a versatile and customizable musical experience.

Great for pop and jazz.

MIDI Pack Included

Sketch Dreadnought Guitar comes with a MIDI Pack.

The midi pack includes 54 accompaniment styles.

15 types of fingerstyle, 32 types of strum, 7 types of Bass/Chord, 4 types of guitar chords (Maj, Min, 7, mb5).

2592 chords in total.

Key Features

  • Mics, piezo and magnet levels are controllable after the fact to give maximum sonic flexibility.
  • 12 articulations.
  • 2 round robins per note.
  • 8 velocity layers on Pick and Finger.
  • 4 velocity layers on Mute and Flageolet.
  • The rest of the articulations have 1 layer of velocity.
  • 4 algorithms for automatic position change (Classic, Django, Country, Random).
  • Special Keyboard Mode. Play the Dreadnought guitar like a piano. At the same time, change of the positions is also available.
  • Auto legato.
  • Aftertouch (Vibrato).
  • Offset controls (CC110) on main patches (Pick, Finger, Mute, Flageolet).
  • Speed controls on 3 patches (glissando up, glissando down, triplet).
  • Percussion samples (FX articulation) and additional percussion samples (green zone on the keyboard).
  • EQ controls on all patches.
  • 12 types of custom convolution reverb.
  • Sample rate: 24-bit 44khz.
  • 2 Repetition keys for last note.
  • Library Size: 9.3GB (1.8GB in RAM).
  • Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.1.1 (or later). The free Kontakt Player does NOT support this library.

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