Snowkiss Guitar

Snowkiss Guitar by Karoryfer Samples is a boutique offset-body style, and with the sounds you’ll need for making weird noisy music all included. After sampling a few cheap guitars, we went for a really nice one. This Momose MJM has the traditional bridge and tailpiece, and Mojotone pickups modeled after pickups from above-average 1959 Fender Jazzmasters. It also looks really nice, with the snowflake and cherry petal inlays, the figured cherry top, and the white burst finish.

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Karoryfer Samples


5.6 GB


Walkthrough video Snowkiss Guitar by Karoryfer Samples

There are plenty of virtual guitars out there focused in metal, so we went for the 80s-90s indie rock sound instead. So the way the tremolo tailpiece affects pitch is modeled to get that detuned wavering sound right, and we even have a whole blog post with a video about doing the research for that. And, of course, feedback is also modeled, including microphonic squeal if you try to do too much feedback.

We went in depth on this – even playing behind the bridge and fingering noises are sampled on every fret on every string, and everything has at least two round robins. We even got someone with the right amount of skill to record the somewhat chaotic tremolo picking. And with all the techniques recorded, there’s more than an octave of keyswitches.

Over 8700 samples 

  • Every fret and every string sampled
  • Up to four velocity layers
  • Two to four round robins
  • Ordinary picking, picking near the bridge, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Three types of muting: ghost notes, palm muting, and palm-muted ghost notes
  • Harmonics including extended high range
  • Tremolo picking
  • Playing behind the bridge
  • Noises: pick stabs, fingering noises, scrapes, incidental noises, and playing behind the nut
  • Accurate emulation of the tremolo tailpiece’s effect on pitch
  • Three different types of vibrato, plus humanization
  • Feedback
  • Doubletracking mode
  • Separate pad instrument



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