Sponge Piano 2

Sponge Piano 2  = Cramer upright piano+ human thumb x bathroom sponge

​This library contains wwo Kontakt .nki instruments (Kontakt 5 + Kontakt 6) with 4,500 24bit binaural samples recorded with Jecklin Disc technique.

Size is 1.9GB (NCW compressed from 4.6GB sample pool) and requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher – not compatible with Kontakt Player


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Sound Dust


1.9 GB


Sponge Piano 2 by Sound Dust

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Sponge Piano 2 - Warm Thumpy Upright Piano

A beautifully recorded character piano with the warm thump of strings deadened by a well sponged thumb. Sponge Piano is what happens when you multi-sample a conventional piano in an unconventional way.

The aim here is to create a new piano timbre. Something which carries the weight, emotional oomph and play-ability of a traditional piano. But with something a little different going on.

A bit Agnes Obel , a hint of Tom Waits and with death metal possibilities.

Recipe for A Sponge Piano

Open up the front of a piano to reveal the strings inside. With a naked thumb, softly push a small piece of spongeonto the uppermost part of a string.

Find the appropriate key and play the note lightly, adjust the force of the thumb until you get a lovely soft piano thump.

As you move the thumb/sponge down the strings you get a softer, deader sound with a slight de-tuning effect.

Repeat this process for all 92 notes with around 20 hits per note – after a few weeks (and a lot of coffee breaks) you are on the way to a Sponge Piano.

Fortunately, Sound Dust has already done this bit for you!


  • Completely re-edited, tweaked and polished sample set with 3000 ish new samples & 4 proper Round Robin layers
  • NEW – octave up, note off & record crackle or tape hiss articulations
  • NEW – engine based on the glorious FELT DULCITONE
  • NEW – GLUE control a multi layered compression and saturation on one knob
  • NEW – drag and drop midi recorder
  • NEW – 50 great sounding snapshots
  • LOTS of under the hood improvements
  • K5 & K6 versions have different architecture, they are the same but different – so use both if you can.

Whats Inside?

  • Two Kontakt .nki instruments (1 Kontakt 5 + 1 Kontakt 6)

  • 50 snapshots – Kontakt 6 version

  • 4,500 24bit binaural samples recorded with Jecklin Disc technique

  • Lovely Cramer upright piano with every note over 7 octaves sampled with up to 20 velocity layers

  • 4 randomized round robin layers

  • 1.9GB download (NCW compressed from 4.6GB sample pool)

  • Multimode humanized ARP/sequencer

  • Sample start fader

  • Octave up articulation

  • Release articulation

  • Record crackle or tape noise articulation

  • Keyboard velocity sensitivity adjustment

  • Voice stack mode for up to eight notes at once

  • Note attack speed control

  • Note release control

  • Multimode glue control

  • Transient, tape, delay and distortion effect

  • Three band EQ

  • A hint of room reverb

  • Replika delay and high quality algorithmic reverb – Kontakt 6 version

  • All controls will show up in DAW automation

  • Reequires FULL Kontakt 5.8.1 or above


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