An advanced drone, pad or atmosphere generator with great possibilities of customizing the sound.

– one-instrument architecture;
– 402 source samples;
– 4 layers with an XY mixer;
– detailed settings of each layer;
– per-layer and master effects;
– 58 independent step-sequencers;
– requires 3.76 GB on your harddrive;
– requires full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0+.

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Sketch Sampling


3.76 GB


Texturous by Sketch Sampling

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Mix the Sources

Texturous meets you with a familiar quad-layer system with basic sample controls. This is the place to start sculpting your own sound: select the sources, set the envelope, pan and tune, and adjust the mix depending on your taste with the industry-standard XY mixer.

All-in-One System

Everything is right at your fingertips. All source sounds, presets, effect chains, additional controls – all of them are located in one Kontakt instrument. The user interface of Texturous contains 3 pages and 2 internal mini-browsers: one for source samples and the other for factory presets.


Texturous contains 110 factory presets divided into 4 categories: Pad, Rhythmic, Modwheel-controlled and Mixed. Of course, there are functions to save and load your custom presets.

Total Sequencing

Texturous offers detailed control over each of four layers. There are individual effect chains where every effect parameter can be step-sequenced. They are independent, so it allows you to build complex rhythmic patterns with even a single sound layer.

Discover and Finalize

Texturous has an advanced randomizer system which is able to create new sets of samples, effect parameters and step-sequencers patterns. This is a great tool for discovering new sounds and finding unexpected results. Texturous also features a set of master effects to finalize the built sound. Again, many effects here feature their own sequencers to give common movement and make the sound evolve.


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