The Commodore

The Commodore takes you back in time to the classic sound of 1960s Detroit soul and Memphis R&B with a deep-sampled library of authentic rhythm guitar sounds for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

This library of five highly-playable and inspiring patches features a vintage Fender Telecaster recorded direct through a restored Altec tube mixer achieving the unmistakable Motor City DI guitar tone.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.7 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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4.8 GB


The Commodore - Timeless 1960s Guitar Tones for Kontakt

The content in this collection combines the ease and inspiration of loop-based production, with the flexibility and control of a full Kontakt library.

The Commodore will have you whipping up authentic sounding soul and R&B in no time.

What's Included?

The Commodore includes five distinct Kontakt instrument files, as follows:

  • Melodic – Create driving riffs and soulful melodies with 17 style-specific articulations, including two legato modes, sustained, staccato, palm-muted, grace-notes, trills, bends, falls, and rises.
  • Chords – Produce unique rhythm guitar parts for any song with a near-encyclopedic selection of quintessential chord voicings and articulations specific to vintage soul. Includes 11 different chord types/inversions, chromatically sampled in all keys, with 10 different articulations/note lengths including dedicated downstrokes and upstrokes per chord. Over 4000 chord samples in total.
  • Octaves – Kick up the energy with this patch dedicated to creating custom high-register ocatve strumming patterns. Contains 8 different articulations included long, staccato, upstroke/downstroke, falls, rises, and more.
  • Chord Loops – A menu of more than 800 tempo-syncable rhythm guitar patterns accessible through a custom loop browser/player. Includes everything from basic backbeats to inspiring rhythmic grooves and turnarounds. All loops were recorded at 96khz for high-quality tempo matching and are available in all twelve keys and six chord types/inversions
  • Octave Loops – A menu of quintessential upper-register octave strumming patterns. Includes repeated quarter-notes, turnarounds, and high-energy grooves.


  • Size: 2.7GB (4.8 GB uncompressed)
  • Kontakt Instruments: 5
  • Resolution: 24-bit / 48kHz (Loops: 96kHz)
  • Instruments: guitar
  • Made for: composers, producers, samplists, crate-diggers

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