Tongue Drum

Discover the versatility of Tongue Drum, part of our new Authentic Series.

This well sampled library offers composers a competitive edge with four distinct articulations, including standard, muted, stick, and tremolo.

Recorded in stereo in an acoustically tight and natural setting at Triumph Studios, this small, ethnic instrument produces a soft, warm, and mellow tone.

Tongue Drum is a versatile choice for layering in cinematic compositions or as a featured instrument.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt player.

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Triumph Audio


1.1 GB


Tongue Drum - The Small Instrument That Makes A Big Impact

Tongue Drum includes artist-curated processed patches and rhythmic pulses to bring a modern cinematic touch to your music.

With its ease of use and exceptional sound quality, the Tongue Drum is a valuable asset for composers looking to elevate their work.

Explore the world of sonic artistry with our Tongue Drum, a remarkable addition to our Authentic Series.

This series is tailored for composers seeking top-tier sample libraries that provide a unique advantage in their creative process.

In our Authentic Series, we’ve meticulously crafted smaller, more focused libraries, showcasing deep-sampled authentic instruments in easily digestible formats.

Additionally, Tongue Drum features artist-curated processed patches, delivering a hybrid and contemporary twist to the core sample material.

The Tongue Drum itself is a charming, round, and ethnic-sounding instrument, resonating with a soft, warm, and mellow tone that produces a plethora of musical overtones.

It’s the ultimate layering instrument for any cinematic genre and equally exceptional as a featured instrument.

Tongue Drum offers four distinct articulations: standard, muted, stick, and tremolo, with the tremolos seamlessly looped for a continuous, mesmerizing effect.

Soft versions of each articulation are also at your fingertips.

Our meticulous recording process took place in the acoustically pristine environment of Triumph Studios’ control room.

We captured the essence of the Tongue Drum using two different instruments to extend its tonal range, employing Neumann microphone clones in stereo to ensure a full, warm, and expansive sound.

Customize your sonic landscape by adding your preferred reverb and effects or explore our engine effects to achieve your desired sound.

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Key Features

  • Deep sampled and real sounding Tongue Drum sample library part of our Authentic Sereis
  • 3 different patch categories: Authentic, Processed and Rhtyhmic – providing a wide range of use.
  • Powered by Photosynthesis Engine in our custom Triumph Audio Engine – our unique engine allows for quick creative workflow and additional expression using the effects, rhythmic and output engines..
  • Artist made Processed and Rhythmic Engine patches.


  • Total Patch Count: 79 patches (119 including DFD and TMP patches)
  • Library Size: 1.1GB
  • Full Retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher required
  • Kontakt Player not supported
  • 24bit / 48k uncompressed wav sample files


To elevate your compositions to the next level, we’ve included artist-curated processed patches and rhythmic pulses, expertly crafted from the authentic articulation patches using our Triumph Audio engine.

These elements catapult this library into the modern cinematic scoring world, making it an indispensable tool for composers like you.

What is the Authentic Series?

Our Authentic Series libraries feature smaller more focused libraries comprising of deep sampled authentic instruments in smaller bite sized formats, with Tongue Drum being the first in the series.

These libraries give you a creative edge with realistic sounding libraries and instruments, without paying too much.

Keep an eye out for more Authentic Series releases as we’ll be adding more to this collection!

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“I love working with this library!

The versatile array of tongue drum articulations sound great, and then on top of that all of the mangling and sequencing options in the interface take it to a whole other level.”

Credits: League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Mortal Kombat

“Once again, Triumph Audio created a library I didn’t know I wanted, and now I use Tongue Drum like it was what I’ve been missing.

Just like their other libraries; Tongue Drum is able to stand on it’s own so well.

That is why I was able to write an entire cue with Tongue Drum exclusively.”

Credits: Mechanized Assault (Composer/Sound Designer), Dexter (Synced Music)

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Tongue Drum image 7

“Tongue Drum is library that plays as beautifully as it sounds!

This wonderfully captures the signature sound of the instrument and is easily manipulated into all sorts of colors that are evocative and inspiring to write with.

As a percussionist, I’m always trying to add new instruments to my palette that feel organic and have the ability to be both aggressively percussive and warmly melodic, and Tongue Drum really excels at both.”

Credits: At Midnight (Paramount+), Exmas (Amazon), The House That Rob Built (Family Theater Productions & Windrider Productions), Dating & New York