Trailer Brass

Trailer Brass by Musical Sampling was produced for creating a modern, oversized sound and aggressively processed for maximum beefiness making it ideal for cinematic and trailer music.

The library offers the huge “wall of brass” sound (true FFF sampling) that is popular in modern cinematic and trailer music with sections recorded separately in centered/wide-seating format.

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Musical Sampling




Modern, Huge and Agressive Trailer Brass

While Adventure Brass lends itself to bold lines in traditional settings, Trailer Brass was produced with more modern, over-sized contexts in mind. We recorded three different groups: a ten-horn ensemble, a ten-trombone ensemble and the Horde; a three-cimbasso/three-tuba ensemble that has been aggressively processed for maximum beefiness. To get the wide, wall-of-brass sound we were looking for, we sat the players evenly across the stage of a huge concert hall. We also spent a lot of time going for maximum volume, which is no easy task. It got so loud in there that the trombones ended up busting one of the microphones. Congrats were issued. We’ve also included a varied collection of sound design patches that utilize the brass recordings in some great ways. Impacts, pads, BRAAAMs, synth basses, rhythmic drones and the like. As always, we made it a point to limit the controls needed to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. The Adventure and Majestic patches come to mind, where you can produce believable brass lines using just your keys and the modwheel. The library also contains five different GUI’s designed to immediately inform you of what a particular patch can do in terms of control.

Trailer Brass by Musical Sampling: Articulations

10 Horns

  • Adventure
  • Majestic
  • Staccato
  • Sustains

10 Trombones

  • Adventure
  • Majestic
  • Staccato
  • Sustains
  • Cluster Effects

6 Tuba / Cimbassi

  • Evolving Sustains
  • Staccato
  • Short Marcato
  • Long Marcato

Sound Design

  • Aftermath Pad
  • Approaching the Monolith
  • City 17
  • Hindenburg Horns
  • Nastier Bass
  • Nasty Bass

Sound Design

  • Rhythmic Drone
  • Slow and Clear
  • Swashy
  • The Engineers
  • Tremblers
  • Tripods

What’s Included

• Horns(10), Trombones(10), Tuba/Cimbassi(3/3)
• Adventure, Majestic, Staccato & Sustains patches
• Long/Short Marcatos included in The Horde patches
• Two processed versions of The Horde patches
• Cluster effects for trombones
• 11 Sound Design patches sourced from the brass recordings


• Companion library to Trailer Strings • Recorded in a large concert hall • Sections recorded separately in centered/wide-seating format • True FFF sampling • Morph Stacking programming allows any note length to sound natural • Adjustable Humanization control • To Silence feature for ‘niente’ dynamic capabilities • Three microphone positions: Close, Room, Mixed


• Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher
• Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
• Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
• 2.4 GB compressed NCW format

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