Ukrainian Sopilka Soprano

Introducing Ukrainian Sopilka Soprano.

A variety of woodwind instruments of the flute family can be combined into one word – Sopilka, which is a traditional Ukrainian folk instrument.

It is a kind of a fife traditionally made of wood (but some different materials are also used) and has from six up to ten finger holes.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Ukrainian Sopilka Soprano - Beautifully Robust Flute Sounds for Kontakt

Sopilka can be referred to as a set of folk instruments similar to recorder with a constricted end and a fipple. 

Sopilka is extremely popular in Western Ukraine, especially with the Hutsuls of the Carpathian Mountains. 

Ukrainian folkloric ensembles recreating traditional music cannot do without this instrument.

A skilled performer can mimic a variety of sounds found in nature, including bird-calling and insects, which gives a charming atmosphere to a convert.

With the development of the 10 hole fingering instruments sopilkas became part of the music education system in Ukraine.

Pop groups began to use the instrument in their performances.

The first was the folk-rock group Kobza.

More recently, the sopilka has found its way into the music of Ruslana, Haydamaky, the Kubasonics and other contemporary bands like Go_A or Kalush which explore Ukrainian themes.

Ukrainian Sopilka Soprano is also perfectly suited to cinematic genres of music.

Ukrainian Sopilka Soprano - Tech Specs

  • 9 articulations
  • 4 round robins
  • 3 dynamic layers
  • Full version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or higher
  • Built-in effects
  • 19 custom made presets for instant using
  • Download size 2.8 GB
  • Disc space 6.2 GB
  • Windows 7, MacOS 10.12 or higher

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