Universe by Triple Spiral Audio is a new library by Triple Spiral Audio with the following kind of sounds: pads, ambiences, arp’s, loops, motions, shorts, distorted sounds and soundscapes. The sounds range from majestic, epic pads till subtle ambiences and from dystopian sounds till flowing and dreamy motion sounds. The sounds are aimed to provide you with a diverse and rich pallet of sounds to support your music, film, game and trailer productions.

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About Universe by Triple Spiral Audio

Flow is a new library for Kontakt with a focus on ambient sound and motion. The library contains 192 soundsources in the following categories: Pads, Textures, Soundscapes and Ambiences. Each of the 192 can be loaded up in one of the 4 layers and like this you can create a great amount of light and dark ambient sounds.

The 4 layers contain seperate controls for the ADSR, LFO, Volume, Pan, Filter and Filter Envelope. This gives you a great amount of control to shape the sound to your need.

There is also a randomize feature that randomizes the 4 soundsources.

On the main control page you find as well a big Controller Knob which can control each of the following effects – Filter, Skreamer, Chorus, Flanger, Stereo With and Rotary. You can select multiple effects to be controlled at the same time. Each of the effects can be futher adjusted on the FX page.

On the FX page you find as well the settings for the Reverb and Delay.

The library comes with a collection of  100+ snapshots (presets) and it’s easy to create and save your own collection of snapshots. In future updates new snapshots will be added to the library.


  • 2 layers with independent control for volume, pan and ADSR, filter and filter envelope
  • LFO control for each layer
  • Big knob with assignable FX
  • Dedicated FX page with Imager, Skreamer, Flanger, Phaser, Rotator, Compressor and Lo-fi
  • Arpeggiator
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Delay


  • 200 sound sources
  • 300 snapshots – including 80 snapshots from different sound designers
  • 3.1 GB (compressed NCW)


Kontakt Full 6.2.1 – Universe does not work with the Kontakt Player

Operating System





“Triple Spiral Audio has released The Universe, a sonic powerhouse for all things out of this world. By building upon years of quality sampling and sound design, has Triple Spiral Audio created an otherworldly hybrid instrument? The simple answer is “yes” and with so much to explore this is a composers and sound designers celestial dream.”

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