Vengeful Cello

Vengeful Cello by Karoryfer Samples is a cello sample library full of strange, wild and often aggressive sounds. It covers everything from warm sul tasto sustains to scratchy colle, harmonics recorded with the fingering slipping, and pizzicato performed like a jazz bassist.

Also included are an emulated section of three celli, layering patches for hundreds of articulation combinations, and two flavors of “cyborg” subtractive synthesizer. One of the cyborgs also uses samples from the other three Vengeful strings, an Ergo electric upright bass, and a kemençe. And yes, this is recorded with the same cellist and same cello the free library we released in 2014 together with bigcat instruments, though a whole lot more detailed and varied.

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Karoryfer Samples


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Vengeful Cello by Karoryfer Samples – Articulations:

  • Ordinary sustain (2 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Ordinary staccato (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Sustain sul ponticello (2 round robins)
  • Staccato sul ponticello (4 round robins)
  • Sustain sul tasto (2 round robins)
  • Staccato sul tasto (4 round robins)
  • Tremolo
  • Tremolo sul ponticello
  • Wind noise
  • Spiccato (2-4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Ghost spiccato (3 round robins)
  • Jete (5 round robins)
  • Ghost jete (3 round robins)
  • Colle (5 round robins)
  • Pizzicato (4 round robins)
  • Ghost pizzicato (4 round robins)
  • Spectral scrubs
  • Natural harmonics
  • Unclean harmonics (2 round robins)
  • Instant unclean harmonics (2 round robins)



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