Vivid Strings

VIVID STRINGS is a meticulously crafted chamber strings sample library, featuring the rich and intimate sounds of a range of elite performers including those from the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recorded in a dry studio environment, this collection captures the essence of each string instrument in vivid detail, offering a close, intimate sound that retains the unique character of the players.

The library includes a diverse range of articulations, including scripted Legato, Sustain, Tremolo, Arc Vibrato, Staccato, and more, each recorded with precision to bring depth and realism to any composition.

Designed for flexibility, VIVID STRINGS will be released in sections (V1, V2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) and eventually as a complete ensemble, making it ideal for composers and producers seeking nuanced and expressive string sounds.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.8.0 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Intimate and Detailed Chamber Strings for Kontakt

Dive into the world of elite string sounds with VIVID STRINGS. Uniquely crafted with the artistry of top tier performers, including some from the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, this collection offers an unparalleled level of closeness and character in each note.

VIVID STRINGS is more than just a sample library; it’s an intimate conversation with world class musicianship.

VIVID STRINGS is a testament to the beauty and intricacy of string instruments, captured with a level of detail and intimacy that’s rare in the world of sample libraries. Be one of the first to experience the vivid, expressive world of VIVID STRINGS.

Key Features

Exceptionally Recorded Articulations

With our first release of the Violins 1 section, delve into a rich library of meticulously recorded articulations, including six types of legato (6 vibrato types), Sustain, Tremolo, a range of Arc Vibratos and Non Vibratos, Staccato, Spiccato, Staccato Pop, and Pizzicato.  

Each articulation was recorded in extreme detail using the best of equipment including Royer 121’s and U87AIs microphones and Neve and Grace preamps.  The library contains 3 mic positions with up to 4 dynamic layers and is designed to bring your compositions to life with realism and emotional depth.
The brilliance of VIVID STRINGS lies in its performers. With four violinists, some from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, each note and phrase carries the weight and expertise of world-class talent.

The Intimacy of a Dry Studio

Recorded in a pristine “dry” studio environment (acousticly well treated), VIVID STRINGS captures the raw, unfiltered essence of each string instrument.

This studio setting ensures a sound that is dry, close, and incredibly intimate, retaining the unique character of each player.

With 3 microphone perspectives to choose from, you can apply your own reverb or use the built in reverb to make these strings blend with your own existing sample libraries.


In a market saturated with epic, larger-than-life string libraries, VIVID STRINGS stands apart with its focus on intimate, detailed, and character-driven samples. 

Whether you’re crafting sensitive passages, intricate melodies, or looking for that ‘close-up’ string sound, VIVID STRINGS delivers with unparalleled clarity and expressiveness.

Crafted for Composers and Producers Who Value Nuance:

Diverse Articulations for Every Mood: From the soaring heights of legato to the crisp accents of staccato, each articulation in VIVID STRINGS has been carefully recorded to capture the essence of string performance.

Additionally, the dry studio environment ensures that what you hear is unadulterated, pure string tone – perfect for mixing and matching within your projects.

Modular Release

Violins 1 - 4 Violins

VIVID STRINGS is being released in sections as they become available, starting with Violins 1.  

The segmented release of VIVID STRINGS sections allows you to select and utilize the specific sounds you want and need, building up to the full ensemble for a comprehensive string toolkit. 

Additionally it lowers the barrier to entry for everyone, which is a big plus in our book.

Violins 1 Articulations:

  • True Legato (6 types of vibrato including Wide Slow, Wide Fast, Mid Slow, Mid Fast, Narrow Slow & Narrow Fast)
  • Sustain
  • Tremolo (unmeasured)
  • Arc Vibrato (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Arc Non Vibrato (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Staccato
  • Spiccato
  • Staccato Pop
  • Pizzicato
All articulations are available in a single patch with keyswitching.

Hear It in Action

How "Dry" was the Library Recorded?

Curious just how “dry” the samples are? Here is the fabulous demo track “Hisaishi’s Summer” by Brendon Bourgade with zero reverb. 

The original demo track contained just the built in Kontakt reverb, but these two versions contain 0% reverb so you can hear just how dry the strings can be.


  • Single patch with multiple keyswitches
  • Recorded in a small dry studio environment
  • 3 Mic Positions – close, main & room
  • Perfect for orchestral, pop, classical, cinematic & more

Dynamic Layers + RR:

  • True Legato (6 types): 4 dynamic layers
  • Sustains: 4 dynamic layers
  • Staccatissimo: 13RR 5 dynamic layers
  • Spiccato: 13RR 5 dynamic layers
  • Staccato Pop: 13RR 5 dynamic layers
  • Pizzicato: 8RR 2 dynamic layers
  • Tremolo: 2 dynamics


  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 6.8.0 or higher
  • NOT compatible with Kontakt Player
  • 7.55B of space reqired – 3.65GB compressed, 3.9GB extracted
  •  4GB of RAM

100% money back guarantee – if you’re not happy, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your puchase!

PLEASE NOTE: This is only Violins 1 and not the full section. Each section will be released in stages.

8 reviews for Vivid Strings

  1. Robert Browne (verified owner)

    A basic but very usable string library that is, thankfully, recorded dry, which I’m a big fan of from a mixing perspective. At the intro price it’s pretty much a steal. A really great layering library as well, to give those “too soaked in reverb” libraries a nice dry little boost. Great work.

  2. M (verified owner)

    Excellent sounding library, fantastic downloader, great service: fixed shorts !

  3. Stan (verified owner)

    So far, so good—and at a bargain price. You Can Never Have Enough Strings.

  4. Rob G. (verified owner)

    Vivid Strings provides a very unique musical sensibility compared to the other libraries and instruments out there. I really like the variety and sonic choices available that Pulse Audio products provide. For the price – this is a great value.

  5. Christian W. (verified owner)

    Incredibly intimate and expressive library that far surpassd my expectations. This will be seeing a lot of use in the coming months. I can’t wait for the next installments and hope once they’re done we get some new articulations!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent library, excellent support.

  7. Vladimir Tretiak (verified owner)

    Excellent library for excellent price, thanks!

  8. James Quackenbush (verified owner)

    The shopping experience was great !…No problems there ! A really nice sounding program, especially for the price….The only feature that I would like to see would be an adjustable sample start knob so that you could adjust how fast or slow that you want the instrument to initially start to play….Having a set delay doesn’t work for me…

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