Yggdras 8 String Guitar

YGGDRAS is an 8-string guitar sample library made to highlight both the bone-crushing, aggressive side of the instrument as well as its soft, ambient and otherworldly clean tone.

YGGDRAS was sampled with a “Hype GTR8” model Ormsby guitar which was tuned down two semitones (D, G, D, G, C, F, A, D) to offer an extended low end and ranges 24 frets.

Requires the Full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher – not compatible with Kontakt Player

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Robert Ianni Music


420 MB


YGGDRAS - 8 Stringed Electric Guitar for Ambient to Metal Music

The stock clean and distortion tones of YGGDRAS are perfect for any modern metal arrangements, and you’ll find a bunch of available knobs on the user interface to allow for sample manipulation. 

This way you can discover a truly unique and organic sound that can be suitable for not only modern metal, but even film and media scoring compositions.

Articulations captured combine down/up strokes with a pick and were all sustained, however the distortion samples also include eighth notes when hit at high velocities to stay true to the signature staccato nature of the ‘DJENT’ sound.

The Clean Tone

The clean tone was recorded on the single-coil bridge/neck pickup position of the guitar, through a pedalboard with preamp, EQ, compression and reverb, through to a digital cabinet simulator.



The Distorted Tone

The distortion tone was recorded on the bridge pickup of the guitar, through a pedalboard with preamp, EQ, an overdrive pedal and noise reduction, through to a digital cabinet simulator. 

All samples were double tracked and panned hard L and R with round robins.

System Requirements

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5  or higher
  • ​​Free Kontakt Player is not supported!!!​


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