WREMENA One by Elementary Sounds by Elementary Sounds is a unique playable guitar plugin (VST3/AU ) that offers the sound of a PRS guitar recorded through a range of different signals (2 microphones, 1 “direct input” and 1 pedalboard) to provide a versatile and distinctive sound in both mono and stereo.

If you’re looking for a “standard” guitar sound, this isn’t it. Wremena One was recorded through a range of unusual hardware including analog, vintage and modern outboard gear.

With a range of articulations, up to 5 velocity layers and 6 RR on each note, Wremena One offers a very unique sound that’s full of character and grit.

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Elementary Sounds


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WREMENA One by Elementary Sounds - PRS Guitar VST/AU Plugin With Character & Grit

The Mission

The goal when creating Wremena One was to create an instrument that can be played by anyone (even those who can’t play guitar) while ensuring it sounded beautiful, natural and full of character. Additionally, rather than adding lots of un-necessary functionality and
articulations etc. we simply focused on keeping the sample library simple and effective, helping it stand out from alternative guitar sample libraries in the market at the moment.

The tone of Wremena One was designed to be soft, intimate and vintage with plenty of character. The end result is a beautifully delicate and subtle tone that sounds incredibly natural.

The guitar sampled for Wremena One was a PRS guitar – the idea behind the Wremena series is to create a collection of guitars that vary dramatically and bring them together into something intimate, confident, inspiring and daring by finding their similarities and expressing them.

Recorded Through 4 Separate Signal Chains

Wremena One was recorded through 4 separate signal chains to offer you complete control over the sound:

  • 2 separate microphones (large diaphragm Austrian condenser and small diaphragm American dynamic
  • 1 pedal board line
  • 1 direct input line from the guitar to converters

Because there are four signals to choose from, you can create a wide range of timbres as well as choose from stereo or mono.

One of the biggest selling points of Wremena One is its simplicity – just move the pan knobs to make your sound wider or add some unique analogue vintage or modern FX with the Echo & Space FX. These FX were captured from the incredibly rare Soviet BBD Delay, the Moog spring reverb module and an old school Boss reverb pedal.

There was a wide range of unique gear used during the sound design process for this guitar plugin – from vintage machines to more modern hardware – including a tape recorder, some interesting guitar FX pedal, modular synths and much more.

The signal chain for the library was a warm tube pre-amp, 1073′ transistor style preamp, Echoplex amp module and into an old tube Peavey combo amp that sounds bold, warm and “retro” with extra grit and character.

6 Articulations With Up to 5 Velocity Layers & 6 Round Robins Per Note

6 different articulations were recorded for Wremena One:

  • Sustain
  • Matte sustain
  • Mutes
  • Harmonics
  • Random notes
  • Random octaves

Each articulation was recorded with up to 5 velocity layers and 6 repetitions of every sampled note with a different position of the guitar pick to provide a natural sound with plenty of variety.

Every sample also has its own “pre-air” amount that you can control separately. The samples purposefully not clean to perfection to give a more realistic and warm sound full of character. Additionally, the “Random Notes” and “Random Octaves” patches are notes/octaves repeated randomly with differing dynamics and tempo, specifically for creating textures.

The “X” slider on the interface offers a perfectly matched “sound designed” version of the sound you have chosen. It allows you to turn on and increase/decrease a perfect companion sound designed tone that works in tandom with the existing sound – similar to a guitar pedal’s bypass button but instead its a slider which allows you to mix the original sound in.

The X slider is fully automatable and when automation is applied it begins to offer interesting textures that start to shine.



  • 5 articulations (sustain, matte sustain, mutes and harmonics)
  • 4 different signals (2 mics, 1 pedalboard and 1 DI)
  • Up to 5 velocity layers
  • 6 RR on every sampled note with a different position of the guitar pick
  • VST3/AU plugin for macOS (10.11+) and windows

About Elementary Sounds

The design of Elementary Sounds plugins is  inspired by Suprematism art. If you look at some of Kazimir Malevich’s paintings, such as ‘Suprematist composition’ or ‘White on White’, they are all to some extent chaotic, but on the other hand united. We tried to embody exactly the same feeling of opposition and unity in the sound of our instruments.

The main word that can be used to describe our working process is sincerity. We try to get rid of everything superficial and unnecessary and to do so as naturally and truthfully as possible so that you could completely trust the instrument and its sound.

We use the same approach when working on plugin design as well. We want our instruments to be perceived as something completely organic, like a tree planted with our own hands, which has grown and become an integral part of the nature around us.


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  1. Richard Hollins (verified owner)

    Amazing. Sounds so good. Loved it so much I bought all the other plugins in the set.

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