Granular Moon

Granular Moon is a work of dedication to explore ever-evolving sounds. One year in the making, it contains a huge number of atmospheres, pads, field recordings and an additional arp section.

All atmospheres and pads are assigned to Mod Wheel and become pulsing sounds, fully editable, synced to your bpm, for the most flexible use as underscore textures.

The real core of Granular Moon is the Multis folder, here you will find the whole potential of these evolving sounds.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.0.2 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

$ 30.00

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3.76 GB


Granular Moon - 250+ Patches of Ever-Evolving Sounds

  • 250+ patches, divided in 5 categories, with Mod Wheel assigned to all sounds
  • 127 original samples (3.73 Gb) delivered in wave 48hz/24bit, ready to use in your favorite DAW too.
  • ATMOSPHERES (66) – evolving sounds with intervals – long samples (up to 4 minutes!!).
  • FIELD LOOPS (28) – raw environments recorded at hi-res in different locations.
  • MULTIS (91) – the real core folder of this library, explore it!
  • PADS (30) – tonal playable sounds – analog sources processed with granular synthesis.
  • ARPS (36) – additional unusual arps, made with the basic Kontakt arpeggiator script.
  • Great for ambient, and cinematic genres.
Granular Moon by Soundethers

FULL DETAILED MANUAL, with infos and screenshots! Read and edit your sounds!

Very long samples are used (up to 4 minutes) in all categories, so let the “Granular Moon” sounds evolve over time for best atmospheric results. Explore all the key range!

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