The 2600

The 2600 is a sample library based on the ARP 2600P V1.0.

All 3 oscillators’ waveforms have been sampled chromatically from C1 to C7. In addition to the Sine / Triangle / Sawtooth / Square & Pulse waveforms, a range of other settings have been sampled.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.2.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Sounds Divine


5 GB


The 2600 - The Sounds of the Vintage ARP 2600P

The 2600 sample library for Kontakt full from Sounds Divine faithfully reproduces the sounds of the ARP 2600P


The Coarse & Fine sliders determine the oscillators’ pitch. The Routing slider determines which filter the oscillator is routed to. If 1&2 is selected, filters are serial arranged in series.


  • Amp: Determines the amount of velocity modulation applied to the main ADSR.
  • Filters: Determines the amount of velocity modulation applied to the filter envelope.
  • Vel->CC: To use this feature click on the Browse tab at the top of Kontakt, select Auto -> Midi Automation.


Each of the 3 oscillators can select from over 24 different waveforms including Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Pulse and many more!


Filter 1 types:

  • LP: Ladder LP1
  • BP: SV Par BP/BP
  • ALT: Formant 1

Filter 2 types:

  • LP: Ladder LP3
  • BP: SV Par LP/HP
  • ALT: Ladder HP2
BW / F switch controls where the Filter Env. is routed, Bandwidth or Frequency. If LP is selected the switch will change to F / R
(resonance). KB: Controls the amount of key tracking applied to the filter.


  • Vibrato: Controls the amount of pitch modulation (sine wave).
  • Speed: Controls the speed of the pitch modulation.
  • Glide: Only functions in Mono mode. Controls the amount pitch transition between two notes played legato style.

Mod Page

  • Each LFO has 4 destinations, all bi-polar.

  • Controls: Shape, Sync, Phase, Rate, Fade In
  • All are set to free running, except LFO2.


  • Rate: Synced only – 1/1 to 1/128
  • Steps: 1-16
  • Octave: -3 to +3
  • Swing: -50% to +50%
  • S/D Switch: Changes between swing & duration
  • Duration: Changes the length of the note played
  • Repeats: Sets how many times each note will play
  • Mode: As Played / Up / Down / Up & Down / Down & Up / Move In / Move Out / Chord


The 2600 includes a number of useful effects to help shape your sounds including:

  • Transient Shaper
  • Distortion
  • Flanger
  • Delay
  • Reverb



  • This is Kontakt Library for FULL version of Kontakt.
  • This library is not for Kontakt Player.
  • The 2600 will work in 5.2.1 version of Kontakt and newer!


  • 3 Oscillators
  • 2 Filters
  • 2 Filter Envelopes
  • 4 Aux LFOs
  • 1 Dedicated LFO for each filter
  • 1 Programmable Arpeggiator
  • 46 Custom Impulse Responses
  • 6 FX : Transient Shaper / Flanger / Distortion / 2 Delays & Convolution Reverb
  • 5 GB (compressed) samples (44.1Hz/24bit)
  • 130+ Presets



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