MM+ is a Kontakt instrument is based on the Moog Memorymoog – alongside the Jupiter 8 , Prophet-5 & Oberheim OB-X , considered one of the most desirable analogue polysynths of the past 40 years.

This instrument captures some of the magic of the Memorymoog . It features a diverse range of samples , each of which can be loaded into any of the 3 oscillators.

Samples include basic square / pulse / ramp waves , various filter FM sounds , sync sounds , multiple PWM settings , several unison sounds , resonant filter sounds and 3 chorus patches processed using an Elkorus V3 Chorus unit.

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Sounds Divine




MM+ The Sound & Magic of the Moog Memorymoog

The MM+ sample library for Kontakt full from Sounds Divine faithfully reproduces the sounds of the Moog Memorymoog


The Octave & Tune knobs determine the oscillators’ pitch. The Routing slider determines which filter the oscillator is routed to. If 1& 2 is selected, filters are serial only. Noise is linked to Oscillator 1’s filter routing.

  • Poly Mode: Normal polyphonic operation.
  • Mono Mode: Plays a single note per oscillator.
  • Legato: Similar to Mono mode, with the exception that the current playback position of the preceding note will be carried over to the next note.


  • Spread: Determines the panorama among the voices.
  • Detune: Determines the detuning among the voices.
  • Voices: Controls the number of voices played.


Each of the 3 oscillators can select from over 30 different waveforms including Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Pulse and many more!


Filter 1 includes:

  • LADDER LP1: 6db/oct low pass
  • LDR LP3: 18dB/oct low pass
  • LDR BP2: 12dB/oct band pass
  • SV LP2: 12dB/oct low pass

Filter 2 includes:

  • LADDER LP2: 12db/oct low pass
  • LDR BP4: 24dB/oct band pass
  • LDR HP1: 6dB/oct high pass
  • DAFT LP: 12dB/oct low pass

The Filter LFO includes the following waves: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, S&H.

Global Controls

  • Vibrato: Controls the amount of pitch modulation.
  • Speed: Controls the speed of the pitch modulation.
  • Glide: Only functions in Mono / Legato mode. Controls the amount pitch transition between two notes played legato style.

Mod Page

  • Aux Envelope 1 Destinations: LFO 1 Rate, LFO 1 Amount, Filter LFO Rate, Pitch
  • Aux Envelope 2 Destinations: LFO 2 Rate, LFO 2 Amount, Filter LFO Amount, Filter 2 Cutoff
  • LFO 1 Destinations: Pitch, Amp. Oscillator 1 Level, Filter 1 Cutoff, Filter 1 Resonance
  • LFO Waves: Sine / Triangle / Sawtooth / Square & S&H.
  • Fade In: Controls the ramp time for the LFO when a note is triggered .
  • LFO 2 Destinations: LFO 1 Rate, LFO 1 Amount, Oscillator 2 Level, Filter 2 Cutoff, Filter 2 Resonance


  • Rate: Synced only – 1/1 to 1/128
  • Duration: Changes the length of the note played
  • Steps: 1-16
  • Mode: As Played / Up / Down / Up & Down / Down & Up / Move In / Move Out / Chord

Pitch Sequencer

  • Reset: Resets all parameters to default settings.
  • Filter: Accesses the filter sequencer page.
  • Steps: 1-16
  • Octave: -3 to +3

Each pitch sequencer is monophonic and has a 4 octave range ( -2 to +2 ) with an amplitude bar for each step.

Filter Sequencer

Unlike the pitch sequencers, the filter sequencers are polyphonic. When editing the pitch sequencer, the numbers 1-16 will light up to show which steps are active, to aid in editing the filter sequencer steps.

Each active step in the pitch sequencer will trigger the amp / filter envelope & aux envelopes & LFOs (if set to retrig.


  • Retrigger: Restarts all sequencers when a note is triggered (legato).
  • Oneshot: Sequencers trigger once and do not loop.
  • Rate: Synced only – 1/1 to 1/128.
  • Duration: Sets note length – 0% – 200%.


The MM+ includes a number of useful effects to help shape your sounds including:

  • Transient Shaper
  • Phaser
  • Delay
  • Panning
  • Reverb

MM+ Features

  • 200+ Presets
  • 31 Waveforms
  • 3 Oscillators
  • 2 Filters
  • 3 Pitch Sequencers
  • 2 Modulation Sequencers
  • 1 Programmable Arpeggiator
  • 25 Custom Impulse Responses
  • 5 FX: Transient Shaper / Phaser / Delays & Reverb
  • 6.97GB (compressed) samples from the Moog MemoryMoog


  • This is Kontakt Library for FULL version of Kontakt. This library is not for Kontakt Player. MM+ will work in 5.2.1 version of Kontakt and newer!
  • Operating System: N/A
  • RAM: N/A


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