Book Handpan

Xperimenta Project are proud to present Book Handpan, the second library of the new Book series.

The handpan is a modern percussion instrument, inspired by the physical properties of the Trinidadian steelpan, Indian ghatam, Thai gong, and Indonesian Gamelan.

For its harmonics and its tone, the handpan is both a relaxing and creative instrument, that can give a unique sound to your music

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Xperimenta Project


1.87 GB


Book Handpan - Warm, Relaxing Percussive Tones & Drones

Handpan comes with 20 Creative Layers, from Analog Synths and Acoustic Instruments, that deeply expand the possibilities of the library. 

The library turns out to be a very useful and ready-to-go tool for cinematic composing, modern music production as well as classic and detailed Handpan sounds.

Main Features:

Book - Handan by Xperimenta
  • Warm Sound and unique tone, recorded with top-end gear
  • Articulations: sustain, harmonics, particles, resonating fx
  • 4 Round Robins, 4 Dynamics
  • GUI: Clean interface, easy-to-use Tone and Shape macros.
  • Formant Control: change the tone with this special technique.
  • Expand the sound with the included 20 Creative Layers
  • 20 Convolution Reverb Presets
Book - Handan by Xperimenta
  • Sustain
  • Harmonics
  • Particles
  • Resonating FX
  • Ready-to-go interface with tone and shape smart controls
  • 20 reverb presets – Convolution and Digital
  • 2 microphone settings – Close and room
  • 20 creative layers including instruments and analog synths

Includes 20 Creative Layers

Handpan comes with a powerful tookit of sounds like synths, strings, rare instruments and more.

The Recording

The library was recorded by our friend and musician Danilo Cafolla, in the Rocchi Studios in Rome. 

We used only top-end gear, and we searched for unique sounds and effects.

This library comes with two microphone positions.

The library provides also all the fine-sampling techniques, like round robin, dynamic modwheel and vertical layering.

Book - Handan by Xperimenta

The Book Series

The BOOK Series is a new series of rare instruments, with unique textures, directly from the world and manufacters. 

The BOOK Series comes with a smart user interface, designed to have a great control over the sound. 

The engine features also 18 Creative Layers, made with organic elements and analog synths, and +20 Space IR, a chorus, a compressor, a filter and a delay.

Technical Info:

  • 1400 Samples, 1,87GB (1,82 zipped)
  • 20 Presets, 18 Creative Layers
  • Requires Kontakt Full 6.6.1 or higher (Not for the free Kontakt Player)
  • Good internet connection higly recommended
  • Many thanks to: Abbey Rocchi Studios, Filippo Tosti, Stefano Ziggiotti, Emanuele Vecchi, Cári Tibor and all the beta testers (Giulio Rosatelli, Johannes Ringen, Marco Miele, Flavio Cuccurullo)

2 reviews for Book Handpan

  1. Lloyd Brown (verified owner)

    Nice instrument, coupled with numerous features and settings for the price. Awesome

  2. Nick S. (verified owner)

    Very nice library

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