Book Series Chalumeau

Presenting our new Kontakt Library, Book Series Chalumeau, with True Legato articulation and a unique warm and folk tone.

The chalumeau is a single-reed woodwind instrument of the late baroque and early classical eras. The chalumeau is a folk instrument that is the predecessor to the modern-day clarinet.

The instrument used was handmade by the great artisan and flute maker Max Brumberg with Cherry Tree Wood. We sampled Vibrato and Non-Vibrato Legato, Staccato and more than 50 phrases.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Xperimenta Project


1.87 GB


Book Series Chalumeau - Warm, Unique Flute Sounds for Kontakt

The BOOK Series is a new series of rare instruments, with unique textures, directly from the world and manufacturers.

The BOOK Series comes with a smart user interface, designed to have great control over the sound. The engine also features 18 Creative Layers, made with organic elements and analog synths, and +20 Space IR, a chorus, a compressor, a filter and a delay.

  • Warm Sound and unique tone, recorded with top-end gear
  • Realistic Responsive Legato, with Vibrato and Non Vibrato
  • 3 Ornaments Type (on Keyswitch)
  • 4 Sustain Dynamic Layers
  • GUI: Clean interface, easy-to-use Tone and Shape macros.
  • +50 Phrases, editable with Sample Start
  • Expand the sound with the included 20 Creative Layers
  • 20 Convolution Reverb Presets

The Recording

Book Series Chalumeau was recorded at Rocchi Studios in Rome with top end microphones, in collaboration with the Saint Louis College of Music.

This library comes with two microphone positions: Close and Room.

The library also provides all the fine-sampling techniques, like round robins, a dynamic modwheel and vertical layering.

Special thanks to: Beta Tester (Emanuele Vecchi, Stefano Ziggiotti, Lorenzo Ceci, Cari Tibor, Filippo Tosti, Stefano Maccarelli), Mix Assistant (Simone Sciumbata), Flute maker Max Brumerg, Video Operator (Gabriele Saladino).

Technical Info

  • 1400 Samples,
  • 1,87GB (1,82 zipped)
  • 20 Presets, 18 Creative Layers
  • Requires Kontakt Full 6.6.1 or higher
  • Good internet connection higly recommended