Boom Chak

The Boom Chak is a classic analogue-style percussion synth with six editable drum instruments, a programmable rhythm sequencer, low and hi pass filters and six effects.

Kontakt Version Required: 6.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)

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Boom Chak by Soundtrax

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Boom Chak - Classic Analogue Style Drum Synth for Kontakt​

Each drum sound has dedicated controls like volume, type, pan, pitch, decay, modulation or additional amount of noise, plus six effect switches. This makes the Boom Chak an extremely flexible electronic percussion tool and a really cool instrument to play with.

The effects (Convolution Reverb, Replika Delay, Chorus, Lo-Fi, Flanger, Overdrive) can be added to any individual drum sound or to all sounds at once. The effects are quickly accessible and all effects are editable.

The Master Control contains two filters (Low Pass Filter with an Envelope Follower and LFO, and a Hi Pass Filter), global Pitch Control (-12 to +12 halftones) and Velocity Sensitivity control.

The Auto Rhythm Editor is a simple but effective pattern creation tool with a total of 12 patterns (each pattern has 2 x 16 steps). The Auto Rhythm patterns can be triggered by a key or with a click. The tempo will be synced automatically to the master of the DAW.

The V2 update contains a new NKI, the BC-2000, a more digital sounding version of the BC-2.
  • 2 different Boom Chak Models (BC-2 and BC-2000) in one library
  • 6 editable analogue percussion sounds
  • 3 different Kick sounds, 3 different basic snares
  • 12 programmable rhythms
  • 6 on-board effects (including the great new Replika Delay and a second Overdrive mode)
  • Low Pass Ladder Filter with LFO, High Pass Filter
  • custom GUI with many controls for all sound parameters and effects


  • Kick (3 Types)
  • Snare (3 Types)
  • Claps
  • Toms (Lo, Mid, Hi)
  • HHs (closed. open)
  • FX

The full version of Kontakt 6.1.1 is required to use this version 2 without restrictions. It will load in Kontakt Player but only for 15 minutes per session.

Classic Analog-style Percussion

  • FX: new K6 Replika Delay (replaces the old K5 Delay)
  • FX: Convolution Reverb: new GUI and more IRs
  • FX: additional Overdrive mode
  • Master: Transient Master sustain control
  • Master: BPM display
  • LFO: new Tempo Sync and Retrigger modes
  • LFO: Rate Display
  • Improved Hihat and FX sounds
  • Mute switches for every instrument
  • GUI updates, Boom Chak logo change
  • Additional NKI: Boom Chak BC-2000 with new (digital) sound set and different colour scheme

Boom Chak (Version 2.0)

Version 2: Now Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6.1.1. The original V1 is still available for Kontakt 5.5.2 if required.


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