Sampler One

A new fantastic vintage-style Digital Sampler is here!

Sampler One transforms Kontakt into an early digital hardware sampler – with a much simpler workflow, more advanced tempo sync options and greater sonic flexibility, thanks to features like Drag+Drop sample import, auto pitch detection, TM-Pro time-stretch mode, eight excellent onboard effects and a great user interface.

Kontakt Version Required: 6.2.2 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)

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Sampler One - Instant Vintage Style Digital Sampler for Kontakt

Create your own sampled sounds

Drag+Drop an audio file onto the interface, adjust the loop points and the envelope, add filter, LFO and FX to your taste and you are ready to go.

If you like the result, just save the instrument as a new snapshot. It’s really easy.

Sampler One accepts any WAV, AIF and NKX audio file in mono or stereo, at any length and at any frequency or rate.


  • Reverb (Hall and Room)
  • Replika Delay (Five Models)
  • Lo-Fi
  • Choral (Chorus)
  • Flair (Flanger)

Great sound library

Sampler One comes with over 250 high-quality snapshots featuring many classic sampler sounds plus new sounds and loops exclusively recorded for Sampler One.

Spread over 19 categories the provided snapshots contain a wealth of great sounds to get you started. They are quick to load and perfect to use as a starting point for your own sound design adventures.

Less is More

Sampler One can load only one single audio file per instance, there is only one velocity zone and only one loop for each sample is possible – a limitation that is intended:

Its main purpose is to quickly create high-quality sample based instruments, beats or loops without having to deal with multiple sample zones, loops or velocity layers.


TM-Pro is a fantastic tool to edit / transform audio or to remix whole parts of a track: Drop an audio file onto Sampler One and use TM-Pro to time-stretch your audio in real time.

You can even automate the speed/stretch settings – or automate the Formants or the FX – or turn Sampler One into a granular sampler by using the TM-Pro mode at very slow speed values.


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