Bowed Fences

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Bowed Fences by unEarthed Sampling

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Bowed Fences - Cello Bow + Barbed Wire Fences

Processed Patches

As a bonus, we processed the heck out of these recordings by mangling their speed, EQ, and timbre to create a series of 14 processed PAD patches which would accomodate making creepout / tension beds.  

These all loop with a low pass filter mapped directly to the mod wheel, the timbre of these can totally change at the flick of a finger.  

In addition to the processed PADlike material, we also included a series of 5 percussive / impact patches which are well suited for accent or trailer hits.

Main Patches

The 3 main patches consist of unique one shot recordings all of which vary in length and timbre.  

The DRONES PATCH contains grisly low end material, the WHINES PATCH contains higher pitched scream like material, and the HITS PATCH contains various metal fence poles and wire which we hit with the bow while recording.  

The HITS PATCH has 6 unique hits all with 4 x RR!


The GUI is highly tweak-able as you have direct access to the Lo, Mid, and Hi EQ, Pitch, Reverb (with 13 original IRs), and a GRIT knob for distortion.

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    Fantastic Sounds!

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