Deep Blue

Deep Blue by Dark Intervals is an instrument based on lush and ambient sounding pads.

All samples are made with hardware synths.

Patches are programmed on synth, sampled, and mapped into Kontakt.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.3.2 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Dark Intervals


4.41 GB


Deep Blue - Lush Ambient Sounding Pads for Kontakt

This instrument has one specific workflow on mind, which is building the harmonic structure of you musical piece in which you can separately control bass (layer A), and pad (layer B).

Basically it is mapped as a split keyboard with 2 different layers :A-Bass and B-Synth (pad, sequence or cluster).

Tweaking options are limited but highly functional.

For example you can separately, in real time lo/hi pass bass layer and pad layer, which can be very useful, and clearly visible on the interface.

DEEP BLUE is created with composers in mind, who seek ambient sound, with a touch of tension, but do not prefer huge amounts of presets, and want to get into the composing and creating process immediately.

So we created a smaller amount of presets, but all of the presets are inspiring, great sounding, and sampled from hardware synths.

Production Information

  • 4.41 GB Unzipped size
  • 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
  • 45 pad presets
  • 20 cluster presets
  • 41 prerecorded sequence
  • 20 bass presets

System Requirements

  • Any PC or MAC that can run Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
  • Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
  • Free Kontakt Player is not supported
  • 4gb of RAM or more is highly recommended
  • At least 4.5GB of hard disc space

4 reviews for Deep Blue

  1. tamura hiroshi (verified owner)


  2. David D. (verified owner)

    Great products with an honest description.

  3. Greg Bouts (verified owner)

    Good Kontakt instrument for Ambient Music. Great Pads, Clusters, and Basses. The Basses are separate which makes workflow much easier. Also, sounds are exactly what you would expect for Ambient music. Great instrument at a good price.

  4. Bert D. (verified owner)

    Good sound for a nice price!

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