DREMA is a VST3/AU audio plugin based on a digital Soviet synth-organ from the ’80s.

In our journey through the past, we’ve delved even deeper, and now we present an artifact from the final years of the Soviet era of stagnation and the subsequent upheavals of Perestroika—a compact electro-organ called Lell.

We’ve gone to great lengths to not only authentically recreate this instrument but also to imbue it with a lifelike, almost acoustic quality, all while meticulously preserving its analog essence with the utmost care and reverence.

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Elementary Sounds


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DREMA - Soviet Electric Organ Redefined

This instrument comes in 7 different variations.

Each one has its own X-slider that blends four different sound layers.

All these sounds are based on the original organ tone and have been processed through a tape machine:


Drema by Elementary Sounds sounds GUI
  • DIRECT – The original organ sound, recorded using a vintage preamp and equalizer from a 1973 EAG console made in Hungary.
  • CLEAN TAPE – The direct signal recorded onto a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder. High-quality tape adds an analog feel and a softer, more gentle sound.
  • BROKEN TAPE – This version was recorded on a P-180-M, a Soviet spy reel-to-reel tape recorder from the 1960s. The low speed and old Soviet tape create a dreamy, mysterious sound.
  • WIRE – Recorded using a Soviet wire recorder MN-61. The wire gives the organ sound a nostalgic, noisy, and unique color.
  • AMP – This is how the organ would sound in a live concert or studio recording. It’s a softer, more lifelike sound compared to the direct version.
  • MODULAR – A modern interpretation where the sound waves of the Soviet organ have been processed through Eurorack modules. This creates a natural, constantly morphing sound that at times resembles the tone of a trumpet or trombone.
  • STYLIZED DIRECT – This is the organ sound stylized to mimic an electric piano, also crafted using modular synthesizers, analog filters, and tube compressors.

Inside DREMA


The core sound is shaped by four sliders controlling the organ’s registers, each with its own panning slider. 

The instrument features seven patches, each with four additional sound layers blended with the original sound via an X-slider. 

We used a mix of vintage and modern gear to make these layers feel organic while highlighting the main tone from all angles.

Drema by Elementary Sounds source GUI
Drema by Elementary Sounds FX GUI


Classic effects with a vintage vibe. 

The Rotary combines phaser, flanger, and tremolo for a Leslie-like effect. 

The Saturator offers nonlinear distortions, and a classic ring modulator works in mono or stereo, offering endless room for experimentation. 

Echo and Reverb with wet signal filtering options make the sound truly expansive. 

Combined with a filter and a shelving EQ on the master panel, you can achieve any sound you can imagine, from soft, mysterious dark ambient pulses to sharp, ringing cosmic tones.


The Movement panel houses a 12-step, highly customizable sequencer and two LFO modules—the heart of our instrument—that can be connected to all key elements.

Drema by Elementary Sounds master GUI


The master panel features two vintage octave filters that split the signal into 10 and 16 bands, along with a three-band shelving EQ with adjustable crossover frequencies.

Also present are controls for pitch, noise level, and output signal.

DREMA Key Features

  • 7 different variations of the main sound
  • Custom tape designed and eurorack style patches
  • Up to 5 velocity per note
  • VST3/AU plugin for macOS (10.11+) and Windows
  • NOT compatible with Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats.
  • 6.3 GB compressed
  • 7.6 GB uncompressed

Support & Updates

From the moment you acquired DREMA you will have all the future updates for free.

These updates will include not only the technical fixes, but also new patches and sounds.

If there are any issues with the instruments, please, contact us at [email protected] straight away.

We are usually very quick to answer.


Use the PULSE app for the installation.

It’s free and has the fastest speed for downloading.

You’ll have your own watermarked copy of the instrument.

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