The acoustic essence of MIR blends with sound design reminiscent of the era of the first space missions and the dreams of space exploration.

Inspired by sci-fi movies about space and universe travel.

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Elementary Sounds


9.9 GB


vst au plugin

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MIR - Soviet Archive Piano

This instrument comes in six different variations.

Each one has its own X-slider that blends four different sound layers.

All these sounds are based on the original piano tone:

  • SUSTAINS – A sustain piano recorded using four different types of microphones: two stereo (tube and ribbon stereo) and two mono (ribbon mono and condenser).
  • TAPE – A sustain piano recorded on a reel-to-reel tape machine in two versions:
    • Type I – Recorded at slow speed, combined with tube compressors and Eurorack filters.
    • Type II – Recorded at half speed.
  • BROKEN TAPE – A sustain piano recorded on a Soviet spy reel-to-reel tape recorder from the 1960s in two versions:
    • Type I – Recorded using a bunch of lo-fi guitar pedals, resulting in a dreamy, mysterious, and assertive sound.
    • Type II – Further processed the sound through two tube preamps for a dirtier and more aggressive tone.
  • RANDOM OCTAVES – Randomly played sustain notes across octaves, recorded with four different types of microphones. This patch has two dynamic layers: the first is soft and calm, while the second is more active and intense.
  • MUTES – Short muted notes recorded with the string dampened during play.
  • MUTES CASSETTE – Short piano notes recorded on a cassette recorder in two versions:
    • Type I – A mix of ribbon and condenser microphones, recorded on a cassette recorder.
    • Type II – Recorded on a cassette recorder using a tube microphone.

Inside The Instrument

  • SOURCE – The core sound is shaped by four sliders controlling each mic type’s volume, each with its own panning slider. The instrument features six patches, each with four additional sound layers blended with the original sound via an X-slider.
  • FX – Classic effects with vintage charm:
    • Vibrato – Adds small periodic changes in the pitch of the signal.
    • Warm – Creates rich, nonlinear distortions for a gritty, edgy vibe.
    • Shimmer – Combines the lushness of a classic plate reverb with pitch shifting and a dash of chorus magic.
    • Echo and Reverb – Make the sound ethereal and mesmerizing.
    • The Master section has a filter and a shelving EQ, allowing for precise sound sculpting.
  • MOVEMENT – The Movement panel houses a 12-step, highly customizable sequencer and two LFO modules—the heart of our instrument—that can be connected to all key elements.
  • MASTER – The Master panel features two vintage octave filters that split the signal into 10 and 16 bands, along with a three-band shelving EQ with adjustable crossover frequencies. Also present are controls for pitch, noise level, and output signal.

Key Features

  • 6 different variations of the main sound
  • Custom tape designed and eurorack style patches
  • Up to 4 velocity per note and 5 RR
  • VST3/AU plugin for macOS (10.11+) and Windows
  • NOT compatible with Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats.
  • 6.2 GB compressed
  • 9.9 GB uncompressed

Support & Updates

From the moment you acquired MIR you will have all the future updates for free.

These updates will include not only the technical fixes, but also new patches and sounds.

If there are any issues with the instruments, please, contact us at [email protected] straight away.

We are usually very quick to answer.


Use the PULSE app for the installation.

It’s free and has the fastest speed for downloading.

You’ll have your own watermarked copy of the instrument.

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