Ghost Ukelin

Ghost Ukelin for Native Instruments Kontakt is an exploration of an early 20th-century antique stringed instrument.

It possesses a raw, brash, and unruly character, with a hint of being slightly out of tune, resulting in a raspy and aggressive sound.

However, it also carries a whimsical, magical, and otherworldly quality, making it a signature sound that is both familiar and entirely unique for all cinematic genres.

Discover Ghost Ukelin – An Auditory Enigma!

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Triumph Audio


5.8 GB


Ghost Ukelin - Unusual Struck, Bowed and Plucked Strings for Kontakt

We meticulously plucked, bowed, and struck this Ukelin until we had exhausted all possibilities for sampling. 

This library represents a true hybrid creation; when played on its own, you can never replicate or manipulate it in the way you can with this sample library. 

In essence, we’ve birthed a new instrument: Ghost Ukelin.

Ghost Ukelin Photo 1

If you are familiar with our Ghost Cello library, you’ll appreciate our approach to this collection. 

It includes both Authentic and Processed patches, phrases, and sounds. 

We’ve also incorporated innovative techniques from our Feedback Drones library, combining feedback with Ukelin phrases and musical effects. 

To top it off, we’ve included engine-processed rhythmic and effect-laden patches.

Ghost Ukelin is versatile and suitable for various cinematic styles, including horror, drama, tension, sci-fi, gaming, ambient, sound design, and trailer work. 

We’ve organized the library into the following categories: Atonal & Horror, Drones, Polished & Pitched, Sul Pont, Swarm & Engine Processed.

Ghost Ukelin Photo 2


  • 7 different categories of material ranging from tonal to atonal, raw to processed, and beauty to horror.
  • Powered by Photosynthesis Engine in our custom Triumph Audio Engine.
  • Our unique engine allows for quick creative workflow and additional expression using the modulation wheel to go between dry and curated and the expression fader for filters. Many patches allow quick changing of pitch via the keyboard with a great fx engine and compression.
  • Artist made Processed Engined patches that utilize the Triumph Audio Engine.
  • MOD FX – using the mod wheel in a MOD FX patch will allow you to go from a less/not affected version of a sample into an effects-laden version. For any non MOD FX patches, use the MOD wheel to control filter cutoff.


  • Total Patch Count: 163 patches (312 including DFD and TMP patches)
  • Library Size: 5.8GB
  • Full Retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher required
  • Kontakt Player not supported
  • 24bit / 48k uncompressed wav sample files
  • Size of library: 5.8GB

What people are saying about Ghost Ukelin

Ghost Ukelin Photo 3 Frederick Weidmann

“Ghost Ukelin is a fantastic tool for anyone tasked with crafting anything musically creepy. Every patch offers unique sounds that make my skin crawl like no other. Really fantastic and clean sampling, beautifully organized, nice mod wheel patch options as well as multiple velocity layers. Really top notch – highly recommend!”

Credits: Star Trek: Picard, The Dragon Prince, Big Nate, Death of Superman

“Ghost Ukelin is really inspiring! Thanks to the GUI, this library transforms raw sounds and gives all of them character – each one as essential and complementary to the next – to help you give listeners the visceral reaction you’re going for. This library simplifies the process of adding complex sounds to your tracks and ultimately makes creating music extremely intuitive.”

Composer, Conductor, Ari’s Journey (video game), Co-Composer Stolen Realm (video game), Composer for nearly 100 concert compositions’

Ghost Ukelin Photo 4 Matt Campbell
Ghost Ukelin Photo 5 Dan Negovan

“This library is aptly named! The ghostly textures, effects, and plucks are super unique and I feel like I never have enough of these kinds of sounds. Kudos to the Triumph Audio team!”

Credits: League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Mortal Kombat 1

“Kevin Manthei & Triumph Audio simply understands how composers tick and delivers us a tool in Ghost Ukelin that is endlessly inspiring and uniquely haunting. Some of my favorite tools when crafting horror scores come from unexpected places. Not only is this library evocative and original, it actually sends chills down my spine as I write. Directors will not believe me when I tell them I’m scoring their nightmare fueled tales with a Ukelin – and they will love it!”

Credits: Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey

Ghost Ukelin Photo 6 Andrew Scott Bell

Ghost Ukelin - the hybrid sampled antique stringed instrument you never knew you needed until now

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