Kantele Bundle

Kantele Bundle a deep-sampled, beautiful sounding 11-string kantele, playing it both with fingers and with pick.

Packaged in our usual 3 Double Espresso blends: lots of playable articulations, textures and FXs, perfect for cinema and underscore.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or later. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Kantele Bundle - Articulations, Textures and FX for Kontakt

The Kantele is a traditional plucked string instrument from Finland, belonging to the family of the zithers or lap harps.

In Finland’s national epic, Kalevala, the shaman Väinämöinen builded the first kantele from the jawbone of a giant pike using long hair that young Finnish women willingly gave to him as strings.

The sound of that Kantele was so beautiful that all living things started to cry at its very first notes.

Their tears rolled into the ocean and turned into beautiful blue pearls as soon as they touched the sea.

Maybe that’s just an ancient story but this unique sounding instrument is truly enchanting.

Kantele Bundle - Double Espresso Accoustic

Kantele Bundle by Have Audio Acoustic GUI

Playable Kantele, sampled with both fingers and pick: real instrumental range,extended range, harmonics and glissandos.

Real instrumental range: chromatically from A3 to D5.

The original tuning of the physical instrument is A,B,C#,D,E,F#,G,A,B,C#,D.

Tech Specs

  • 822.3 MB Uncompressed file size
  • 1 .nki file
  • 470 samples

8 Keyswitches/Sound Banks

  • Normal range (played with fingers)
  • Extended range (played with fingers)
  • Normal range (played with pick)
  • Extended range (played with pick)
  • Harmonics (played with fingers)
  • Harmonics (played with pick)
  • Glissandos (down)
  • Glissandos (up)

Unique, Custom Built-in FX List

  • Octaves to blend upper or lower octaves to the original sound
  • Ad Libitum aleatoric granular delay
  • Delay
  • Sea Waves Impulse Response FX to add beautiful movement

Kantele Bundle - Double Espresso Dystopian

Kantele Bundle by Have Audio Dystopian GUI

Dark and scary textures, heavy detuning, noises & FXs

Tech Specs

  • 280.8 MB Uncompressed file size
  • 1 .nki file
  • 80 samples

2 Keyswitches/Sound Banks

  • Scary Textures
  • Creepy textures

Unique, Custom Built-in FX List

  • Low Subtle Drone to create a constant, underlying drone
  • Spooky FX, to add creepiness to the sound
  • Hybrid Reverb
  • Shadow to mirror and deform the original sound
  • Supporter Impulse Response FX to add body to the sound.

Kantele Double Espresso Electronic

Kantele Bundle Electronic GUI by Have Audio

Beautiful, evolving soundscapes and bouncing textures

Tech Specs

  • 882.9 MB Uncompressed file size
  • 1 .nki file
  • 126 samples

2 Keyswitches/Sound Banks

  • Bouncing Textures I
  • Bouncing Textures II

Unique, Custom Built-in FX List

  • Evolving Magic to blend evolving sound design
  • Heavenly Whisper to triggers haunting harmonic responses
  • Granular Reflections to trigger background aleatoric repetitions
  • Granular Echoes to add aleatoric rhythmic echoing
  • “A” Low Drone to add a cinematic, low-end A pedal drone

Kantele Bundle - Synth

Kantele Bundle by Have Audio Synth GUI

BONUS INSTRUMENT (not available for selling separately. Included in this bundle ONLY!)

Tech Specs

  • 148 MB Uncompressed file size
  • 1 .nki file


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