Preparato Double Bass

PREPARATO is not just an inspiring library; thanks to the new version of the “Acoustic Modular Instrument” engine based on a multi-layering system, PREPARATO allows you to have an incredible control over the acoustic source, with endless possibilities of combination, useful in all kind of music.

The use of both acoustic sampling and creative modular software bring to PREPARATO the feel and power of a real synth, designed to meet the endless intricacies of a musician’s mind.

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Xperimenta Project




Preparato Double Bass - Xperimenta Project

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The Power Of A Synth, In A Double Bass Library.

Flavio and Filippo, the minds behind this project, followed the idea of searching, new sounds from the most interesting acoustic sources. This is why Preparato Double Bass comes with 24 unique preparations, recorded in Rocchi Scoring Stage in Rome, using only top-eng gear.

The Software

Preparato Double Bass allows you to insert the 24 articulations on 4 different layers at the same time with independent controls, such as Filters, Distortion, 3 LFO and 2 Step Sequencer, and ADSR, controllable via Control Changes.
The engine features also a powerful Arpeggiator, more than +25 Space IR and +20 Special FX, a collection of 10 effects, and an integrated Preset Manager.

Preparato includes +200 factory presets made by the best sound designer and composers in the field.

The Recording

We recorded the library in the Rocchi 110mq scoring stage in Rome at 96khz, using only top-end gear, including tube and ribbon microphones for a deep and warm sound. The library provides four microphone settings:
Close, Middle, Room, Mix.
We recorded the double bass with up to 4 round robin and multiple dynamic layers.
We recorded an italian handcrafted 4/4 Double Bass, equipped with Pirastro Strings and played with a signed bow made of pernanbuco.


  • Sustain, Staccato, Pizzicato. Tremolo
  • Percussion, Effects
  • Flautando, Harmonics, pfp Short, pfp Long
  • Brushes, Brushes Tremolo
  • Pin Pizzicato, Pin Sustain
  • Spatula, Ebow
  • Foil Pizzicato, Foil Sustain
  • Pick, Pick Tremolo
  • Dogbrush Sus, Dogbrush Pizz
  • Soft Mallet, Bad PressD


  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • 12100 Samples
  • 8,29GB
  • +200 Presets made by sound designer and professional artists


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