PSI Snare

PSI Snare is a multi-sampled Snare Drum, playable in the full version of Kontakt 4.0.2 and 5.0

There is a simple concept behind the PSI Snare – Rather than going down the normal route of superficially recording a range of snares, our focus was to capture the huge amount of different tones and effects that can be created on one high quality drum. In fact we wanted to offer the user all the flexibility and sound shaping possibilities of owning a real snare.

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PSI Snare by Paper Stone Instruments

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PSI Snare - Highly Flexible Snare Drum for Kontakt

The wide range of hits and tunings means The Snare is capable of working in many different musical styles, it works like a dream as a replacer/enhancer snare in drum mixes where the original recording of the snare left something to be desired. It can also be programmed very creatively using its powerful editing controls and its ability to use the controls either in Global or Local mode.

Deeply Sampled

The success of our previous instrument ‘The Clap’ alerted us to the usefulness and desirability of an instrument that does one job, but does it very well! 

The end result features 35 different playing styles and tunings with up to 56 velocity layers recorded in 5 mic positions:

‘Close'(Mono), ‘Bottom’ (Mono), Tube (Mono), ‘Overhead’ (stereo) and ‘Room’ (ambient stereo).

The 35 Hits include 6 tunings, Muted Snares, Open Snares, Hands, Buzzes, Flams, Brushes, Hot Rods, Rim Shots and Rim Clicks.

Studio 2 - Live Room

The Instrument was recorded in the revered Studio 2 live room of Paper Stone Studios, Nottingham, England, using purely audiophile quality signal paths.

With a great live room, isolation booth and amp side rooms Studio 2 is our primary tracking space. Studio 1 has an outstanding hybrid mix/mastering setup. It combines the best ‘in the box’ processing with analogue outboard eqs and compressors. 

Outside of London, it's rare that you find a room as musical as Studio 2 to record in. Having the space to let your music breathe can do wonders for the sound, and given the excellent choice of mics and preamps there are always a number of different ways you can approach a recording. All the best studios have great recording rooms, and Studio 2 is no exception!


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