Sick Beats

Sick Beats is just what it is: Sick Beats!

… or to explain it in a different way: When tones, gaps, distortion, and compressors try to spread as much as possible.

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Alex Pfeffer





This sample library contains 40 handcrafted loops and many single sounds such as Bass Drums, Snares, and other Sick Crap!


  • at least Kontakt 5.8.1
  • full access to the .wav files
Operating System: N/A


“UNIQUE BEATS! I was looking for some oddball loops to use in a film I’m scoring and these. Are perfect. Nasty, distorted and stretched, these loops are great if you need something uncomfortable and edgy.”

David B.

“Die Sound sind gut”

Paul D.

“AWESOME STUFF! I bought all the String theories packs. I create different kinds of music styles so I guess I can use just about 99% of the packs! Very good samples!”

Ruud J.

“Highly useful beats!”

Michael F.

“DISTORTION/COMPRESSION TO THE METAL. Very useful for electronic music. The loops are very inspiring and even better when layering. A great product for sure. I really recommend it!”

Michel L.

“VERY USEFUL! For what I do (production music), “Sick Drums” will be taking the majority of the tension-track beat responsibilities in the next few weeks! I’m going to use it on my current album project while it’s hot and no one else has it (yet)!!


Andy K.


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