UNDEIGHT by Alex Pfeffer – the Undead have a sound … and it’s got eight strings

UNDEIGHT is an 8 String rhythm guitar sample library. It contains no loops and is based on a combination of multi-samples and small repetition phrases. There are no key-switches or multiple programs. All sounds can be accessed via velocity!

Furthermore, the samples come with pre-baked mean and nasty distortion. The sound you hear in the demo above is straight out of the box!

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Alex Pfeffer




Features of UNDEIGHT by Alex Pfeffer

UNDEIGHT contains:

Quarter notes, 8th notes, 2 bar fade-outs, 16th note repetitions, 8th note triplet repetitions, and staccato notes.

The samples are mapped as follows:
F#1 – D4:
Velocity 1 – 75 – Quarter notes
Velocity 76 – 123 – 8th notes
Velocity 123 – 127 – 2 Bar Fade Outs

F#5 – F#6
Velocity 1 – 75 – 16th Notes repetitions
Velocity 76 – 123 – 8th Note Triplet repetitions
Velocity 123 – 127 – Short Staccato Notes

Minor 2nd one-shots and repetitions, Glides, Harmonics and Chuggs

Bb0 – Bb1 – Minor Second One Shots
Bb2 – B3 – Minor Second repetitions
E4 – B4 – Glides
E5 – B5 – Harmonics
E5 – C#7 – Chuggs


  • to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8.1
  • full access to the .wav files
Operating System: N/A


“GREAT FOR MANY IDEAS I HAVE! this sounds great and I will be using this for many projects I have…nice to give support to small library makers …I love the fact you can use the mod wheel to mess with the sounds and create your own build ups etc….cheers”

Tracy C.

“PRODUCT IS AWESOME! Hey Alex, the samples are great! I didn’t know it only went down to F#, E would have been more logical to me, but I’m tuning everything down 2 halftones makes it even more mean. Also I was really missing Palm Mutes and Chords. I did not do the research before buying this product, so take this more as an „I wish I would have researched better before“ . Product is absolutely fantastic. I wish you would offer an upgrade sometime including mutes and maybe the missing to notes down to E! Otherwise killer!”

Daniel B. 


Alain P.

“NOT BAD FOR A QUICK SOLUTION! Easy to handle and delivers what it promises! I would very much like it to have a D.I. option, though!”

I P.

“JACK OF ONE TRADE. MASTER OF THAT TRADE. THIS THING IS DOPE AS ****, AND GETS THOSE NASTY 8STRING LOW NOTES. It does basically one thing, but it does it oh so satisfyingly.”

Jonathan K.

“GREAT PURCHASE! Absolutely loving it!!!”

Yves B.

“IT WAS NOT BAD TOOK. It was not bad took a little bit to get the hang of, but do like many of you libraries.”

Joshua T.

“THANK YOU! These instruments are incredible…I came for one and bought them all…so good!!”

Troy K.

“Awesome sounds!”

Michael F.

“AWESOME! Just like all of Alex’s libraries, they sound great and are a good value!”

David K.

“VERY EXCITING AND ORIGINAL SAMPLES HERE! I just used several patches from this library to score a video for a promotional contest by Sonuscore. They were just what i needed. Couldn’t be happier with how it came together. Very impressed with the creativity applied to this library. Well done Alex! “

Mark l.

“VERY PLEASED… So far, I have finished one track having used UNDEIGHT for a project I’m currently working on. I can see myself making this a “go-to” Kontakt library for basic metal guitar rhythms… Outside of some sonic imperfections, when mixed accordingly… it’s an extremely effective tool to have in the arsenal…”

Andy K.

“STRING THEORIES KONTAKT BUNDLE. These are some of the most unique Kontakt instruments around; and they allow one to play-as-you-go, or dig in and go right into the skeletons of the instruments.
The WAV files are also included for one to modify hugely in one’s own Kontakt creations, if so inclined; or to import into another sampler, synth, or straight into a project for further treatments with effects and more. Great sounding instruments, different, and great value for money. “

Bernard C.

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