Spread is an indispensable tool to take the next step in your Stereo Processing.

With Spread, you can focus on any Frequency and exactly set it’s Width and Panning.

Spread lets you center your Tracks for more Focus, or push them Wide for a great Stereo Scape.

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Yum Audio


200 MB


vst au plugin

Spread - MAXIMUM Control of your Stereo Image

4 Frequency Bands in total let you pinpoint the exact Areas in the Spectrum you want to tweak with a super smooth Crossover.

Spread freq bands

Panning the easy way.

Tilt and Width interact in a natural way, allowing you to quickly position your sounds in the stereo field.

High precision stereo field manipulation.

Center you bass.

Focus your mids.

Widen your highs.

Spread bypass

Solo or bypass each band as you require to solidify your mixing decisions.

One Slider to rule them all!

Use the Intensity Slider to blend the overall strength of your complete processing.

Control your mix by using the Mid/Side mode or use the included Haas Mode for a creative alternative to traditional panning.

Key Features

  • Advanced Multiband Stereo Shaper.
  • Two different stereo processing modes
  • M/S (Mid/Side) and Haas.
  • Different Pan and Widening behavior per mode.
  • Increase or reduce the width of every frequency area.
  • Pan every frequency area in the stereo field.
  • Adjustable crossovers creating four frequency bands.
  • Width and panning interact in a musical & natural way.
  • Intensity slider to control overall processing amount.
  • Four stereo modules that can be soloed or bypassed.

System Requirements

  • AAX, VST3, AU versions included
  • 64-bit only (Mac / PC)
  • Mac OS X 10.13 or higher (Intel native | ARM native)
  • Windows 10
  • At least 4GB of RAM, 16GB is recommended
  • At least 200MB of free drive space (OS drive)

DAW Support

  • AAX, AU, VST3 versions
  • 64-bit only
  • Ableton Live 10.1+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Bitwig 2+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Cubase 8+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Digital Performer 10+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • FL Studio 12+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Garageband 10+ (AU)
  • Logic Pro 9+ (AU)
  • Pro Tools 11+ (Mac & PC: AAX)
  • Presonus Studio One 4+ (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)
  • Reaper 5+ (Mac & PC: VST3)
  • Cakewalk by BandLab (PC: VST3)

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