The Bass Pedals

The Bass Pedals is perfect for sub low end to gritty and edgy tones that can cut through a mix.

It was made by recording multiple different tones from a vintage Hammond Organ and perfectly fills out the low end on any mix.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher.

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Bad Cat Samples


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The Bass Pedals by Bad Cat Samples

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What happens when you throw a dynamic mic and ribbon mic in front of a vintage Hammond Organ and dial in as many different tones as possible? The answer quite simply, is “The bass pedals” From the makers of “The Music Box” comes the highly anticipated follow up release.

The Bass Pedals is a highly useful sampled instrument that is capable of anything from sub content low end, to gritty, edgy, tones that can can cut through a mix, giving pseudo bass on smaller devices.

Suitable for a wide range of content, the bass pedals is a great tool for any composer/producer to have in their arsenal when they need a versatile instrument to fill out the low end, or, to sculpt distorted edgy tones for a wide variety of content. Whatever the task, the bass pedals is sure to not disappoint!


  • A deeply sampled set of ‘bass pedals’ from a Hammond Organ
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Choice of dynamic and/or Ribbon Mic
  • Filter, resonace, saturation, chorus & distortion
  • 413 MB Download


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