The Music Box

The Music Box offers the sound of an incredibly nuanced and organic sounding music box instrument. 16 music boxes were recorded in the high highest quality and detail using ribbon mics with every subtle detail including cranks, creeks, scratchs, buzzes, tings and scrapes.

The library has a minimum of 8 velocity layers per note and is one of the most realist music box sample libraries you will ever hear – this is the ultimate instrument for creepy horror music!

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher

$ 25.00

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Bad Cat Samples


420 MB


The Music Box by Bad Cat Samples

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We took 16 different music boxes and meticulously recorded each one note by note to create a highly expressive music box instrument with all the nuances and intricacy of the real thing. In an effort to make an instrument of the highest quality & detail, we made sure to include every subtly possible. Each crank, creek, scratch, buzz, ting and scrape was left in and the result is something quite organic and simply inspiring to play.

The entire library was recorded using Ribbon Microphones at 24 bit 48khz. There is a minimum of 8 velocity layers per note. Due to the nature of the music box and the general range of such devices we ended up with quite a few velocity layers for some pitches (40+). Instead of using round robins we decided to use many velocity layers so that a performance could easily be altered but not be random.

The Music Box is an intuitive instrument that is sure to stimulate creative ideas. It is capable of childlike nursery rhymes, eerie melodies, enchanting passages and much more. The Kontakt version of The Music Box not only contains the basic instrument patch but also 10 highly useful factory patches derived from our samples. These patches range from pads and electric piano-like sounds to extra terrestrial sound fx. The Kontakt version will only work in the full version of Kontakt 5.3+ and higher. It will also work in Kontakt player in demo mode which lasts 30 minutes.


  • A deeply sampled music box instrument
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Custom Impulse Response
  • Release, width, warmth, & Reverb Controls
  • Extremely organic sound
  • Over 750 samples in a 420 MB download
  • Includes 10 extra ‘sound design’ patches


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