Truck Drums

Majetone Truck Drums for Kontakt – a raw and powerful drum library that takes inspiration from the iconic, minimalist style of John Bonham.

Immerse yourself in the thunderous beats captured within the unique acoustics of a truck, delivering a distinctive sound reminiscent of classic rock’s golden era.

Each drum hit resonates with a primal energy, creating an authentic and unfiltered percussion experience.

Majetone Truck Drums provides a palette of intense, impactful sounds, perfect for injecting a dose of vintage character into your compositions.

Get ready to infuse your music with the driving force of raw, truck-recorded drums.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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Truck Drums - A Raw and Powerful Drum Kontakt Library

Some of my favourite libraries I’ve made have come from opportunities, not necessarily planned.

I had a studio in a shed in an industrial yard…. (the yard!)

my next door neighbour had an old truck body that was rented out as workshop space.

An old tenant moved out and I helped him clear some stuff out.

Whilst in there, I noticed the acoustics of the aluminium body and like all engineers the thought popped in to my head of ‘I bet drums would sound great in here…’

So I asked my landlord if I could record drums in there before the next tenant moved in… This was Friday, the tenant moved in on Monday.

Because it was a busy (LOUD) industrial estate, I’d have to wait until night time and silence.

There’s 0 sound proofing, so I had to wait until it was quiet outside.

The first night it rained, the second night I angered a nearby sleeping truck driver… finally on night 3.

The final night, I managed to record the library.

This has become a really popular library for its Bonham-esque huge drum sound!

Truck Drums kick GUI
Truck Drums snare GUI
Truck Drums overheads GUI
Truck Drums outputs GUI

I recorded overnight so as not to get any background noise on the recordings.

The truck had zero insulation from the outside.

The first night rain stopped the recording, the second night a nearby sleeping truck driver got very angry about the noise.

The third night I was able to record a selection of 70+ Loops and Samples.

I wanted the setup to be simple, so I used my audient 4 channel interface.

Extinct stereo ribbon as the overheads and a kick and snare mic.

Truck Drums v1 was released in December 2021 – Majetones first library.

In post production I decided to print the samples, as time has gone on I wished to have the ability to change the mix on the instrument, with 4 microphones you’re somewhat limited anyway but I decided to re-edit and re-build the instrument with this in mind.

I am happy to announce Version 2.

Also included are the bleed from the microphones for added realism!

Key Features

  • Remixed and edited Samplesets
  • Separate level controls
  • Individual outputs
  • 130+ loop including audio and MIDI
  • 50 presets


  • 1970’s Vintage Ludwig Vistalite Toms
  • 13” Rack Tom
  • 18” Floor Tom
  • 1980 Gretsch 24” Kick
  • 1979 Ludwig 402 Snare 14×6.5” (D1)
  • 2018 Fraser Murray Shell/Sonor hardware
  • 14×8” (E1)
  • 2019 Majetone 12×5” (F1)
  • 16” Zildjian Hihats
  • 21” Collingwood Crash/Ride cymbal.


  • Overhead – Extinct Audio Valkyr Stereo Ribbon
  • Kick – Aston Origin
  • Snare – Shure SM57 (MJ Mod)
  • Audient id44 Preamps – Processed and mixed through Neve, Hairball and Capi hardware.