Introducing the Majetone AC08 for Kontakt – a meticulously crafted acoustic rendition of the iconic Roland 808 drum machine.

Immerse yourself in the rich, organic textures of handpicked instruments, expertly sampled to capture the essence of the legendary 808.

From deep kicks to crisp snares, each sound is finely tuned, providing unparalleled realism for your music production.

Elevate your beats with the Majetone AC08 and rediscover the timeless magic of the classic 808 in a whole new acoustic dimension.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

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925 MB


AC08 - Capturing the Essence of the Legendary Roland 808 Drum Machine

I like to think of drums like synths, infinitely malleable – to begin with it was with guitar pedals, then as I got into recording it was using strange microphones, dampening and tuning and microphone technique to experiment with sound.

I love the idea of creating instruments from acoustic sources that would be difficult or impossible to actually play acoustically. 

An interesting and inspiring paradox. 

In 2015 I made an April fools video saying I’d created an ‘808 drumhead’ which was a fake, of course – but then the cogs started turning and I wondered if I could actually make an acoustic recreation of an 808. 

Obviously this doesn’t sound exactly like an 808, but I’ve analysed the timbre of the sound choices in the drum machine and tried to recreate them using mic placement, dampening, stick choice, drum choice and even placing drums within drums. 

I recorded it in May 2021 with Jake Stanton at Big Fig Studio in Aylesbury, UK. 

Mixed and made by me at the Fortress of Solitude May – August 2021.

AC08 in depth

In-Depth Controls

*except ‘bass drum’ the bass drum was tuned by hand – meticulously – for an octave C0-C1

**sends bypassed when in ‘Multi Out’ mode

Every control is mappable to your daw or controller.

AC08 multi output

Multi-Output Option

By popular request!

This will bypass the compressor, master volume and filter on the main page.

Ensure the faders are set to unity on the main page, individual levels can still be set in the in-depth controls.

Key Features

  • Acoustic drum sample instrument recreation of the classic drum machine
  • 4500 Samples recorded at 48khz/24bit wav
  • 1.95gb
  • Up to 7 Velocity layers
  • 5 round robins
  • Custom Effects & GUI control – The most in-depth Majetone interface yet
  • Selectable Multiple Outputs for further processing & mixing


  • AKG D112
  • C451e (vintage)
  • JZ V11 & V67
  • Sennheiser Md 441 & Md421
  • Subkick
  • C-ducer
  • Extinct Audio Valkyre
  • Coles 4038s
  • Audient ASP800 Preamps