The DMC-12 Drum Machine contains a unique selection of iconic digital drum machines from the 80’s – all combined into one Kontakt instrument.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 7.7 or later is required.

Also works in Kontakt 6.7 (without Psyche Delay and Raum reverbs).

Not for Kontakt Player.

$ 75.00

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DMC-12 - Drag+Drop Drum Machine for Kontakt

The DMC-12 has sample controls and FX settings for its 12 individual drum sounds: Sample Start, Volume, Pitch, Pan, Decay, EQ, random settings and controls for the insert and send effects.

New drum samples can be imported via drag and drop or they can be loaded with the onboard sample browser.

The DMC-12 library contains 460 classic digital drum sounds.

All effects settings can be accessed on the FX page.

There are six different high quality reverb modes, six different delay models, a Flanger, overdrive and a compressor.

The DMC-12 comes with a bespoke selection of factory drum kits of classic drum machines, all instantly loadable.

It has eight user drum kits for customised or newly created drum kits.

The mixer page features basic sample and FX controls for all 12 drum sounds at once.

The 12 programmable patterns can be combined to a song.

Pattern steps can be created or edited by clicking and dragging with the mouse (TR system) or can be recorded in real time (like in DMX or LinnDrum machines).

Swing and Humanize percentages can be applied to patterns and songs and single patterns can be exported as MIDI files.

DMC-12 by Soundtrax main GUI

Key Features

  • Digital Drum Machine for Kontakt 7
  • 12 individual drum sounds
  • Sample Drag+Drop import
  • Onboard sample file browser containing 460 classic digital drum sounds (in 44,1 KHz/24 Bit)
    individual Sample controls including random and FX controls
  • 12 programmable Rhythm Patterns (Length: 2 bars, 16 or 32 Steps per Bar)
  • 1 programmable Song (length up to 200 bars)
  • Step and Real Time Pattern recording
  • Pattern Drag+Drop MIDI export
  • 3 send FX: Reverb (Hall, Room, Plate and 3 Raum models), Delay (5 Replika models and Psyche Delay), Flanger
  • 3 insert FX: Chorus, Overdrive (Bass Pro), Compressor (Super GT)
  • Mixer page with sample controls (Pan, Send FX, Pitch, Volume)
  • Swing and Humanize controls
  • 16 Factory Drum Kits: LM-One, Lnndrum, Lnn 9000, DMX, Drmtrax, MXR 185, Fairlite CMI, Drmulator, SP-12, M-ulator II, 626, 707, 909, HR-16, RX-5, MFB 501
  • 8 User Drum Kits
  • NKS Automation for Komplete Kontrol / Machine
  • Library also includes an additional DMC-12 version for Kontakt 6.7 (without Psyche Delay and Raum reverbs)

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