DRIFT003 is the THIRD instalment of the DRIFT series of instruments, DRIFT001 and DRIFT002.

Simple at the front, complex behind the curtain.

The business end is just 4 large knobs: Grist, ADSR, Morph and Space combine multiple functions for uncomplicated and intuitive sound design.

A minimal interface beneath which lurks a maximalists desire to warp, bend and squash millions of new sounds into the aether.

Please note: FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later is required. NOT for Kontakt Player.

$ 45.00

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Sound Dust


9 GB


DRIFT003 - Gibbering, Chuntering, Chattering and Muttering Sounds for Kontakt

DRIFT 003 is woven entirely from dubious AI vocal generators and a smattering of mouth derived organic recordings, weird and impossible singing styles made real and then mangled and edited into 11 separate, 4 octave multi velocity articulations.

Long, slow evolving choirs of weasels/angels/polyglots, chaotic gibbering, beautiful polyrhythmic overtone singing can morph into chuntering keys, chattering drones or muttering basses with nearly human character packed into every note.

Obviously the genre bending oddness of White Lotus composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer comes to mind as a touchstone, and with the aid of an arp this is a very handy Cristobal machine, but it is also so much more.

Hold a single note and move the modwheel, and you will instantly understand.

The Sounds of DRIFT003

9Gb of complex hybrid sounds teased form AI sources.

Long evolving samples of every note with surprising loops, multiple velocity layers and unlikely happenings – modwheel always does something interesting.

  • FREESPEECH -gorgeous tuned chatbots have a lot to say for themselves
  • HOST – deep and lush filthy choir with weird looping
  • DYSFUNCTION – gravelly welsh male voice choir through mangled tape – although not welsh or male at all
  • FOLK DEVIL – tortured real world panpipes with AI extras
  • SQUEAKBOX – a gang of giggling guinea pigs gambling towards you
  • IN YUN – sincere and moving voices from the omniverse – with a hint of destiny
  • SPLUTTERER – shortwave radio transmission from the last choir on earth
  • PIANO GHOST – FM synthesis and chanting from beyond
  • MOUTH TRUMPET – Jon Hassell has lost his trumpet
  • DOOP – pulsing and phasing 1990s rompler
  • IMAGINARY FRIEND – a lost, lo-fi soul trying to make contact

What's Inside DRIFT003?

  • 11 deeply multi sampled complex sounds sources = 9GB
  • modular stack mode
  • 32 stacked instruments
  • 180 snapshots
  • morph EQ knob with 100 settings
  • morph ADSR knob with 100 settings
  • grist knob for noisy filth
  • 50 custom impulse response reverbs
  • space knob adds IR reverb and goes to 100% wet
  • BPM synced drift control for tape like chaotic wow and flutter
  • 3 x BPM synced tremolo for complex throbbing
  • custom modwheel settings per sound source
  • full automation capability
  • chaos page adds even more unpredictability
  • Handy built in instructions in RTFM page

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