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Share the music you love with the world. Experience together the next generation platform for listening to music with friends.

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iPhone screenshot showing the groups a user has joined.


Pulse is about the discovery of music all together in the moment.

Discover new music through friends and other users globally.

Let Pulse take the stage with automated genre based communities.

Listen to the music that is trending on social media including Reddit musical subreddits.

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iPhone screenshot showing an individual group with messages displayed.


Create a community and queue the music you are loving.

Experience the music together in real time with friends and people across the world.

Chat about the songs that are playing and connect with friends new and old.

Relive the moments, seeing the conversations that took place through the music.

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iPhone screenshot showing a users profile page with recently queued tracks.


Connect with your friends and share together the experience of music.

See the songs they are loving and the communities they are a part of.

Discover what songs you have in common and how alike you really are.

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iPhone screenshot showing top tracks played within a group.


See what music is currently trending within a community and across the world of Pulse.

Relive the experience, queuing songs from the past and most commonly played.

Star your favourite music and share with others.

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